Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stay tuned, ladies....more help is coming!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been corresponding with a health care lawyer who has been personally involved with what Mirena is doing to women.  He has asked to remain anonymous, so I can't give any more information than that.  What I can say is that he is fired up to help women who have been affected by Mirena with some legal advice....and I trust him COMPLETELY.

He has agreed to correspond with me soon about some legal advice/tips/etc. that we all should consider that may help.  He wants to help us fight back. 

As soon as I get some information from him, I will post it immediately.  Keep checking in, okay?

Big hugs, and keep fighting for your health.  You're doing GREAT!


  1. hello proud momma, First and foremost i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all the research and information you are providing for all of us woman who are suffering from the post removal side effects from this horrible killer IUD called "Mirena".

    I'm a 28 yr old mother of 3, 1,2,9 are the ages of my little ones,. I can't remember the last time i felt like my self, I used to be the funny girl with the jokes, The mom who enjoy fun outing with her kids, and the loving spontaneous wife who loved doing every little sort of new and exciting things with her husband, going out for a night in the town, travel, getting ready, getting her hair done, nails done, shopping, the list can go on, and on. My husband said to me "I rather see you at the mall out n about than here at home not dressed not ready where is the girl i once knew" When he said that to me, I fell in tears because I knew he was right.

    I had the mirena inserted on my six week visit after my baby was born on October 7 2009. The first couple of months were cool no problem whats so ever. I was recommending the mirena to every one i knew that need a b/c method. {boy was i wrong) any way.... here is where my nightmare began. I was going to school full time i was coming home to care for my kids, my husband is in the military full time, so pretty much I;m a single mom. I found my self with very little emotional and physical support from my husband. I started going into this deep depression that i couldn't see my self out of, but, i ignored it i thought it was pressure of school, home, kids..oh! did i forget to mention that my in-laws live with me ,,,sigh..and my brother n my mother who divorce my dad after a life time of being together,, anyhow.... i started to feel not like my self, i had every side effect listed from the anxiety attacks to feeling very exhausted, to the mood swings, to the crying for no reason, to not wanting to see anybody. the list can go on... i started to look and research side effects with mirena back in July of 2010, but again i thought i was just being crazy nothing was wrong with me, and then it hit me around August my BLURRY VISION: came from nowhere to the point i had to force my vision to drive at night,. hell0... I'm 28 yrs old i had a very good vision prior to mirena i was in school doing homework, reading most of the time no problem, but suddenly i was losing my vision.

    My DEPRESSION: got a lot worst. I've always been the type of girl that just brushes her shoulders off. I never worried about problems i never was the type to cry and sit in a whole and not be able to get out of, but this time i was so deep in i couldn't climb out. I was thinking crazy negative thoughts that it's just not me,. scary at times.

    I decided to remove the mirena on December 17th 2010 that was the best thing i've done in a very long time. The foggy brain w/ the blurry vision went away instantly rite there still in the dr office. The nausea i was having wen i walked in to the Dr office had gone too. My mood swings gone like the wind too,, ,,,sigh...'
    I'm 1mo and 1 day post- removal and i feel worst... please help me! i want to feel like my self again;.

  2. Hi Rosie--I'm so sorry that you are still struggling so much. Have you considered trying the detox posted on this blog? It really helped me so much. Maybe it could do the same for you?

    By what I know from my own experience...and from many other women who have dealt with it, it does seem to get worse before it gets better. I think we go into some sort of shock/crash when the stupid thing gets pulled out, and our body just has no idea what to do.

    Keep fighting for your health, Rosie. You will get better...just don't give up. Please email me at if you need to "talk", okay?

    We are all in this together.

  3. I resently began to get blurry vision. Only in one eye. I never thought it could be from the mirena until I read this post. I have always had good vision but it is to the point this one eye is getting bad. Ummm,, makes me wondering since this to came out of the blue and just started bothering me. It was not bad before but now it is horriable, almost overnight. Thanks for the info and good luck in your recovery. I still have the mirena and have had it for about 6months. The side effects have been cramping, bad monthly flow, pains at odd times that bend me over, weight gain, loss of hair, but I was really hoping after the 6 month mark it would get better. Waiting and hoping :)

  4. The eye thing scares me!!! When I went for my eye appt. this year, she told me I had a lot of pressure in my eyes...which I do wear contacts, but my eyes have gotten very bad. Hormones do some crazy stuff to us!!!

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