Thursday, January 13, 2011

And now we are at the current date....

Okay....all of the past posts are done, and we are now at the current date:  January 13, 2011.

Here is where I am right now:

1.  I had my silicone blood test re-done, but I haven't received the results yet.  My hope is that they are lower now after the detox.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear. 

2.  I still feel great!   My detox was a HUGE success in my eyes.   I have only had two "issues" that were minor...and my own fault.  Last Thursday, I took a long weekend trip away, and I forgot to grab my supplements that I packed off the kitchen island.  So...I went four days without any of my supplements (I'm done with the detox, but I am on a "maintenance program" of a much lower number of some of the supplements that I was taking during the detox plus a couple of new supplements that deal with adrenal support (for my energy).  I just realized that I haven't posted that "post detox" supplemental program.  I will do that in the next post.   Back on what happened, I forgot my supplements for four days, and so--last Thursday--the day after I got home, I had a moment of that "panicky" feeling.  It didn't go into a panic attack, or anything, but it was the closest I've been.  In fact, up to that moment, I never even felt anxious as all since the detox.  It was at that time that I realized that I didn't take the supplements for the past few days.  I got right back on them, had one more slight anxious day on Tuesday (the day before my period), and now I'm right back to feeling great again.  I definitely won't be forgetting those supplements again, that's for sure!

I was a bit nervous about it all at first, and then I called Dr. J.  He just reminded me that it is okay, and that it didn't mean at all like everything was coming back.  He told me that he tells all of the women who see him for hormonal health supplemental help that it takes a MINIMUM of three to six months to really regulate hormones to a completely normal state....and most of those ladies haven't had NEARLY the assault on their hormone levels that I did.  All those two "blips" meant was that I'm still healing, and my body isn't strong enough on its own to be off of the supplements.  When I take them, I'm fine.  I'm completely "normal" with no problems at all.  I don't hurt, I don't have anxiety attacks at all, I don't have the foggy brain, the insomnia is gone, I feel physically, mentally and emotionally strong.  My systems were just really damaged by all of this, so I'm okay with knowing that I just need to stay on the maintenance program longer while my body heals from the inside out. 

Remember though, the great thing is that I'm on ZERO medications for all of this.  No anxiety meds, no anti-depressants, etc....all of the things that most women are depending on after what the Mirena did to them.  So....if I need to stay on a all-natural, whole foods-based supplement program for longer than I expected, SO BE IT.  It sure is better than popping Xanax like I used to have to do....and that didn't even work.  I'm even thinking about doing the detox again (but not for three have to give your body three months after a detox to give your liver time to rest).  I just think it might be a good idea to make sure that the toxicity is completely gone.  Better safe than sorry, right?????   We still don't know exactly WHAT is making us so sick....hormones?  Silicone?  Could be any or all of it. 

I will do the next post on the "maintenance program" of supplements that I am on now.  It started once the turbo detox was over.  On to that post now.....

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