Thursday, January 13, 2011

3rd post (Nov. 5, 2010)--SILICONE POISONING

Here is my 3rd post on  This was when it was confirmed that I had elevated silicone levels in my blood.  Here you go:

Well...just wanted to give you the update that I promised.

Remember that I demanded that my doctor do a blood test to check for silicone poisoning? Remember that he looked at me like I had three head for doing it?

Yeah...well--I got the results back. Shocker....elevated silicone levels. We are being poisoned ladies.....

And that test was run three months after my Mirena was REMOVED. I hate to even know what my levels were months ago. It just makes me sick.

I actually just had my first appointment with a naturpath today to begin a three-week detox/cleanse program for my blood and organs. Here's to hoping that a month from now I will have my life back. He's throwing everything he's got at me....infer-red saunas, tons of wholefood pills a day, and who knows what else. I don't even care. I'll stand on my head for four days straight if it will give me my life back.

I'll keep you updated--my first appointment to begin the detox is on Monday. Fingers crossed, ladies.

Get your silicone checked, girls. Don't take no for an answer.

Prayers for us all. Big hugs.


On to the next post.....


  1. Thank you, I thought I was nuts. Back in 1968 I had copper holding my patella together which they were supposed to take out and never did. Now I have neurologic issues, can’t write, can’t type, am uncoordinated and loose balance. I’ve had breast cancer (which was small, 1 cm), which they took out and has not gone into the lymph nodes yet and I had breast implants that were leaking, put in in 1989. Thank you again.

  2. About to get to the end of my medical hell...all arrows point to my Mirena husband and I read your story as if it were my own..I could cry and be happy all at same time im not crazy!

  3. I get my mirena out on Thursday December 13, 2012. I called and told my doctor I wanted my silicone level's tested. She had no idea what I was talking about, said she had to do some research and get back to me. She called back and said that there is no test to check for silicone testing, because it is man made. My question to you is, exactly what test's did they do for you? I also want to have this down on paper. And want to get tested before the mirena is removed. Please email me at Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. I have been sick for 10 years(having 2 iud's) had no idea it was even connected until a week ago.

    1. Lawsuit for Mirena on Facebook just posted test information.

  4. Donna Bell Sanders, MPHJanuary 10, 2013 at 2:52 PM

    Mirena is not made with silicone rubber, but polyethelene plastic so there should be no seeping of silicon into a woman's body whatsoever. Of all the birth control methods, only the diaphragm and FemCap are made of silicone rubber and are only in the body during sex. I am a reproductive health educator and Contraceptive Technology is my source. The higher silicone levels you are experiencing must be due to some other source.

    1. It does have silicone in it: . You sound just like my doctor who told me that the Mirena didn't cause any of the issues that magically appeared after I had the Mirena inserted.

  5. let those who have ears hear.Mirena causes silicone toxicity ladies

    blood test is silicon serum/plasma levels
    go to quest diagnostics
    test code 11040