Thursday, January 13, 2011

The post-detox "Maintenance Program" is the "Maintenance Program" of supplements that I take daily now.  I started this immediately after my three-week detox was completed, and I'm probably going to stay on it for awhile. 

I'm still feeling great!

Here it is:


(For hormones...I took these three supplements during the detox but at a much higher dosage)
SYMPLEX F (2 per day)
UTROPHIN PMG (2 per day)
OVEX P (2 per day)
I now also take CHASTE TREE (2 per day) to help with my hormone/progesterone levels

(I am also taking the following two supplements from my detox--but at a smaller dosage)
GASTRO-FIBER (3 per day)
CHOLACOL II (3 per day)
The SP COMPLETE shake (only one per day now)

(The new supplements that I am taking for maintance/overall support are as follows):
CRUCIFEROUS COMPLETE (This replaces the SP Cleanse from the detox--2 pills/3 x's/day = 6/day)
BETAFOOD (3 per day)
ADRENAL DESICCATED (3 per day...but you can only use this for three months and then must stop.  That is because it is to "kick start" your adrenal health again--for energy--and if you use it more than three months, you risk your body "giving up" trying to do it on its own).  I wrote the end date on the lid so that I'll remember.
DRENAMIN--This also supports adrenal health, but there is no required stop date for this (6 per day)
I also have a small bottle of lemon oil from a company called Young Living.  According to my herbalist, lemon oil is known to excrete petroleum based toxins from the blood.  I put two drops in a large glass of water and drink one or two a day.

There you go!  That is what I am taking now.  Much less than I was during the detox--which is nice...the pills last much longer.  :-)

To help, since are are multiple bottles, I write the dosage on the top of each lid.  Then, as I have to replace the bottle, I just take the lid off of the old one and put it on the new one.   I also take all of my daily pills over three doses each with breakfast, one at lunch, and one at dinner.  It will make no difference if you take them with or without meals.  They never upset my stomach if I take them on an empty stomach.

Any questions?

Love to you all.

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