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Here's the post you have all been waiting for....the actual detox that I did.  I pray that, if you choose to do this detox, it helps you like it helped me.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on this blog if you choose to do it and what you experience was.  Like I said, this worked for ME...but I am anxious to hear if it helps other women as well.  I know that many will be following this blog as they suffer through this, and they would love to be able to see multiple experiences.  Also remember, I am not trying to sound "right" or that I am the fix to your problems.  If you follow this detox COMPLETELY and it doesn't work for you, please post that as well.  The goal here is to help women.  I can't begin to tell you the change that this detox made in my life.  It gave me my life back.  I sincerely hope that it does the same for you.  Please post any questions that you  may have.  Here it is:
(This was posted on Dec. 24th, 2010)

Hi ladies--As promised, I typed up the three-week "turbo detox" that my doc put me on that gave me my life back. After doing this, I had ZERO anxiety attacks (I was having around four or five per week), and I came out of my brain fog, etc. I haven't re-taken my silicone test, but I'm sure the levels are down simply because of how I feel. I actually feel like the old me again! The only thing that didn't improve for me was the eyesight that I lost in my right eye. EVERYTHING else went away....and I was in BAAAAAAAAAAD shape.

I also remember committing to myself that I would be someone who wouldn't forget how frustrating it was to not be able to find help... I promised that I would come back and post findings if I found something that worked. Ladies, this worked for me. I have my life every way.

That being said--I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  And these supplements must be ordered by a physician, I believe. So, I hope that you can find someone who can/will help you out by ordering them.  The website where the supplements can be ordered (again, by a physician) is, and I believe that there is a place on that website that you can click on to find a doctor near you who uses them.  If you try and cannot find help, let me know.  I'll see what I can do to find you help.

I hope that it works for you the way that it did for me. Smile ladies... if it does, you are about to have your life back in less than a month--AND be medication free.

All my prayers and support are with you. Best wishes for your new post Mirena life.

The DETOX:Okay…bear with me here. I’m going to do the best I can to explain all of the stages of the detox that helped me out of my nightmare. It’s quite a bit, so if you have any questions—or anything isn’t clear—PLEASE make a comment about it, and I’ll keep altering as necessary to make it as understandable as possible. Here we go…..

When my doctor finally did the silicone test for me, saw that I did, in fact, have the elevated levels, he basically washed his hands of me and told me that there was nothing that he could do. I was told that I needed to find a Naturopath that specialized in cleanses/detoxes, etc. Okay….fine. I found one who told me that it WAS possible to clean out my blood/body systems/etc. that were poisoned. He also told me that it was possible to do it naturally. In fact, any additional medications were only going to inhibit my body’s ability to clean itself out because this was a toxicity issue to begin with…and all medications are basically different levels of poison. He also told me that was going to have to be patient. I needed to fight against the urge to take “quick fix” meds like anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds, etc., and understand that those meds only “numb” the underlying problem…they don’t fix it. A naturopathic detox aims at cleansing the body and healing it from the inside out…and that takes time. At this point, I was willing to ANYTHING to get my life back, so it was a promise that I could easily make.

My Naturopath, who I will call Dr. J from this point on, explained how he uses supplements from a company called STANDARD PROCESS because they are whole foods based nutrition (getting vitamins from the store that say “Natural” don’t mean anything anymore…that only means that atleast 10% of the vitamin is made from something found on earth or in space…can you believe that?). So, apparently—in his explanation—the key is that it should be WHOLE FOODS BASED supplements. Standard Process uses that. The supplements can be ordered online at,
but I believe that they must be ordered by a physician. Hopefully, you ladies will find a doctor who will be willing to help you out!

I guess before I go in to the whole detox, I should explain what Dr. J found as far as what all was “messed up” with me at my initial evaluation/appointment. The systems of my body that were “abnormal”/struggling/toxic were as follows:
--Hormones (uterus and ovaries)
--Small bowel
By far, the two worst issues were my liver and my hormones, so Dr. J. decided to mainly address those two first. In his words, “Much of the time, if you can find the ‘headpin’ problem, you would be amazed at how many other problems improve on their own.” He believed that the toxicity of my liver was causing a whole host of other problems. Of course the liver was the worst because this was a poisoning issue, and the liver is the “filter” that it all has to go through. In addition, my hormones were off the chart.

Dr. J explained that he was going to do a “Turbo Detox” on my since so many of my systems were messed up. This type of detox can only be three weeks long before you must let your liver rest again.

Okay…here we go.

Length: 3 weeks

(I felt like a whole new woman after this….HONESTLY! Get ready, though, it is a LOT of supplements! 52 per DAY! Trust me, though…it is worth it in the end!)

Again, these are all bottles of supplements from Standard Process:
1. SP Cleanse—7 pills, 3 times a day = 21 pills/day
2. SP Complete—This is a big bottle of powder that you mix into a shake. I did two scoops of powder per shake (with fruit and apple juice). You take THREE shakes per day
3. Gastro Fiber—3 pills/day
4. Cholacol II—10 pills/day. I did 3, 3 and then 4
The above supplements were for the main liver detox. The SP Cleanse is to detox everything out, the SP Complete puts all of the “good stuff” back in to your system, the Cholacol help the toxins bind to your poop and the Gastro Fiber is to help you poop it out. And, in case you were wondering, no your poop isn’t any more gross than usual! You may just find that you poop more…
Now—on to the supplements for my hormonal readjustment:
5. Symplex F—2 pills, 3 times per day = 6 pills
6. Utrophin PMG –2 pills, 3 times per day = 6 pills
7. Ovex P – 2 pills, 3 times per day = 6 pills

I also put two drops of lemon oil (You can get it from Young Living) in a glass of water and drank two glasses a day.  According to an herbalist I spoke with, it helps your body excrete petroleum-based toxins out of your blood....good for those of you who find that you have elevated silicone levels in your blood.

Okay! The above is what I did for three weeks. Also, just to detox as much as I could, I also did FAR-Infared saunas as much as possible (they make you sweat a TON), and Dr. J would occasionally “zap” my liver for ten minutes with a machine—that was about twice a week. Also, drink TONS of water. The more you poop, pee and sweat, the more toxins you get out.

The next post will be the supplement program that I started after three three-week turbo detox was finished. It is basically smaller doses of some of the supplements that I was already taking, plus a few more that would address my adrenal function (to help with my complete lack of energy) and my overall health. I am still currently on this program since my detox ended only a few weeks ago.

At this point, I am going to stay on my current “program” (that will be on the next post) for about three months. At that point, I will make the decision whether or not to do the main detox again. So far, though, I feel great! As I said earlier, I felt like a new person after the turbo detox was over.

I’ll start working on the next post and be back soon.

My prayers are with you all.  May this work for you like it did me.....  Good luck, ladies.


  1. What kind of tests did Dr. J do to find out which organs were having issues?
    After the 3 weeks, do you stop taking supplements cold turkey?
    Also, how long do you wait after your 3 week detox to start the next "phase/program?"

  2. Hi, thanks for all the info about the detox. I think my body was also poisoned by the Mirena. I had it removed last week. I`'ve had tingling, numbness in my arms, panic attacks, anxiety, hyperthyroid, insomnia, and I have now raised insulin and cortisol. I've spent so much money already for therapy ( I thought I was going crazy because my mom has a mental illness) and naturopath (even she didn't think it was from the MIrena and just treated my symptoms). I have hard time trusting any kind of doctor now but I feel like I should go through a detox. Where is your naturopath located? I am in the Bay Area. Do you have any estimate how much the detox cost you? thanks so much. it helps me immensely to read other women's experiences and knowing that I am not alone. Petra

  3. I am a 50 yr woman living in southern Ireland currently experiencing all the symptoms, I have had mirena removed 8 wks ago, and initially felt better but still trying to get to 100% please let me know if there is anywhere or anyone in Ireland who can assist me in this natural detox

    thanking you in advance

  4. Hi, I just had my modems removed yesterday! I had very bad side affects... Right now I'm cramping still, tired n we over all nervous! I have fibromyalgia, so I'm very nervous about how my body is going to react to the crash. Kinda looking for some support. I'm 27 n a mother of 2. How much does this detox cost? I'm so happy for u that ur doing well

  5. Ladies,
    I've been going thru two crazy months with this Mirena Crash. My symptoms occur during my ovulation and menstral cycle. It is causing neurovascular episodes. It caused me to have many trips to the hospital and doctor offices. I had an appointment with my OB/Gyn, he doesn't have an answer for what I should be doing since I it taken out. He claim he has never heard of such medical problems. I visited a Natural Pathic Doctor, and she has me taking calmari oil, flax oil and castor oil packs. Nothing has worked yet, I'm dreading another month of this hell. I had it placed in august 2007 and removed 09/2012. There is no information for what a woman is to do when the mirena is removed. I called Bayer and found that they haven't done any clinical trials.

  6. I'm getting ready to make an appointment for a stay at Johns Hopkins and then Cleveland Diagnostic Clinic if need be. I've written all this Detox stuff down. The doctors have put me on 100's of medications to "mask" all my symptoms (anxiety; pain meds; anti depressants.. you name it!) and then they say they can't do anything for me and refer me to another that does the same thing. I need something to help wean me off of all the unnatural medications in my body without throwing me into a coma. I'm practically giddy with the thought that I could soon have my life back! I long for the day where my 4 and 2 year old don't ask me every morning when we get up if I'm sick today or not.

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    2. I live bear Cleveland, too! I have been experiencing exactly what you have described...including medications! Please share with me your journey since this post!

  7. You are helping women suffering from silicone breast implants too! I had mine removed over a year ago, but have silicone trapped in at least 13 lymph nodes in my arm/chest area. My silicone blood test last month was .23. I'm asking my extraordinary dr. who isn't afraid to think outside of the box about "Turbo Detox." Thanks for caring and sharing!

  8. I had silicone implants removed 7 years ago. It left me with hard almost golf ball sized scar tissue behind both nipple. About a month ago both my breast around the nipples began to turn red and they were tender. Day by day it began to look like something was coming to a head around the scar on my nipples. Eventually the left breast began leaking out a brownish yellow oily substance. I am very concerned about silicone poisoning. Could this be silicone leaking out? Has any one had anything like this happen to them?

  9. Thank you so much for posting about your problems with Mirena. I have only had mine in since Feb but I'm having it taken out next week. I went to my regular doctor and complained about all of these symptoms and she basically blew me off. She did order a full blood panel "just in case" she said, which came back regular in every way except low vitamin D. I've been taking huge amounts of Vitamin D supplements to get my levels back up but my symptoms persist. I fully believe that everything I'm experiencing is from the Mirena. Some of the symptoms I'm having include (but are not limited to, since a new one pops up every day - lovely!) 15 lb weight gain, hair loss - so gross, major mood swings, sore lower back, complete and utter exhaustion no matter how much rest I get, no libido to speak of, breast tenderness, mild depression, anxiety, eczema, insomnia despite being dead tired, mental fog. So needless to say, I want this thing outta me! As soon as it is out I hope to start on the detox you posted above. I was wondering how important it is to have a doctor or naturopath guiding you? Standard Process is available on amazon and I was thinking of going it alone.

    1. My wife just went through the exact same results. I hope things get better for her, and all of the other ladies on here. I stumbled across this site while looking for information on IUD side effects. Mood swings,tired no matter how much sleep she gets. Weight gain. No libido. Great honest posts for the true information

  10. OMG
    my side effects since removing my Mirena have been severe! I have gained 15 pounds in the past month! and I work out 3 times a week, I have an active job. so im not sitting on my butt all day. I feel like garbage every day. my head feels foggy all the time. massive head aches and body aches. bloating like you wouldn't believe and pain in my guts. I have zero energy to do anything. All I want to do is sleep. I thought they told me I was going to feel better and lose weight and feel great. I am so upset. I just want to feel good again

  11. I haven't been doing any specific cleanse, but I have a friend who is a "whole foodist" and follows David Wolff's stuff pretty closely. I recently had a bowel obstruction, and wasn't able to tolerate solid foods for a while, so my mom bought me a Nutri-Bullet Pro, and I've been having 1-2 smoothies a day from the recipe book (or making my own). I drink a lot of the anti-inflammatory, fibromialgia, and "for her" smoothies, and it definitely makes me feel better. I still have my Mirena in, so I haven't lost any weight, but I'm not gaining more either! I also take a small herbal drink twice a day (it has garcinia cambogia, raspberry keytone, CLA oil, and a few other things in it to help with cravings and what-not). Hope this helps someone!!

  12. I'm trying to understand this. After removal of the Mirena, you found out your silicone levels were high ? What blood test is this ? I have never heard of such a thing LOL. I had my Mirena removed 5 days ago and put in the copper IUD (non-hormones). I would love to hear from someone who went from Mirena to Copper. Mainly, I had severe headaches, moodiness and 15 lb weight gain (had MIrena for 3.5 years). I wonder what were everyone's experience and if it helped them or not. I am also seeing a naturopath, which I saw BEFORE even thinking about changing my IUD. I went in to see her because of complaints of feeling "bloated" all the time (people are actually telling me). The first thing she told me was change your IUD and secondly, my antibodies in my thyroid are slightly elevated so she gave me some pills for this. I am seeing her end of Feb. You think I should get my hormones checked if I dont start to feel better ??

  13. Do all of the supplements get taken at once? I purchased everything on Amazon but just need to know the order of how it all should be taken. Thank you!

  14. Where is the next post about the next part of your "program"? I just want to look up everything and do more research before I try it all.

  15. Where is the next post about the next part of your "program"? I just want to look up everything and do more research before I try it all.

  16. Hi, I am really suffering after my Mirena removal of silicon poisoning. I live in South Africa. Are there any of you who have advice of who I can see in South Africa?

  17. I just stumbled onto your post as a clinician who is working with a young lady who might most likely is suffering from Mirena toxicity. Im exploring the personal accounts and the research and it just so happens I work with Standard Process. It is a great company and I love the 21 day detox- it is their main detox protocol and I use this regularly with my clients and personally. If I can help anyone connect to the detox kit I do phone consults nationwide and you can check me out at

    Many blessing to you for sharing your health challenges and success os that others can learn and heal.

  18. Hi ,I can see these comments are quite old, but I have only just discovered your blog. Im keen to have mirena removed due to all issues you describe but I am curious to know what you are using for contraception now

  19. I literally cupped my mouth and started crying. It's a relief to know all of these insane symptoms are caused by the Mirena Crash. I had mine for 4 years. It's month 3 now and although I'm still struggling it's better than month 1. I've just been listening to my body. I've been craving chicken, lots of broccoli, and fish, hot teas, hot baths, and just taking it easy. Stay strong everyday you endure it is a day closer to being healthy again. Mirena should be taken off the market!!!!

  20. I had mine taken out after 7 weeks of hell! My moods were all over the place and my hair was falling out in clumps. I'm hoping that now it's out (and the fact that I didn't have it in for too long) will allow my body to gain equilibrium again relatively quickly! I've always had great thick hair so this was a devastating side effect for me (one that Dr's NEVER tell you about!!). I experience anxiety but no more than any regular person who has a full time job and runs a business but this literally felt like it ruined me for 7 weeks! Sorry for the rant! Xxx