Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some interesting articles....Connection to MS-type symptoms?

This post was found on curezone by a fellow post-Mirena sufferer.  VERY interesting to think about....

Obviously, our hormones are completely messed up. . .these studies seem to say we need progesterone to keep our nerve myelin healthy. The myelin is what surrounds the brain and keeps it healthy.  As most of you also know, many of us went through testing for Multiple Sclerosis only to receive negative results...even though our symptoms sometimes mirror MS.  Most of the women after the Mirena find that their progesterone level is INCREDIBLY low, and I think Mirena made us stop making our own natural progesterone. So when Mirena was removed, we didn't have any at all--natural or fake. So would this cause nerves to be unprotected...therefore causing the numbness etc....therefore causing the MS-type symptoms?  Interesting to think about.

This one is quite technical, but it links progesterone to myelin--

This says it's not all in our heads...!

See the green boxes

We know the side, but the part about them looking into progesterone as a treatment for MS is interesting.

What are all of your thoughts?


  1. I saw threads about this on curezone, but didn't read through all of them. Are you saying that the MS symptoms are occurring AFTER the Mirena is removed? Interesting. Still getting the fool thing out, but worth looking into. Having chosen alternative medical paths in the past, I'm not terribly surprised by the lack of public information. Yet on the other hand, I'm horrified that women can be going through this and aren't getting the help they need.

  2. AScott--For me, the hand numbness occurred after I had it removed, but I have also heard of women dealing with some of the symptoms before the IUD was removed, I believe. So.....who knows what causes it. Obviously, it is Mirena related, but I don't think anyone has figured out physically what causes those symptoms.

  3. Mirena ingredient cause MS type symptoms. The only way you can get it back healthy from this is Stem Cell Therapy for MS

  4. Hi,
    I had Mirena for 4 and a half years with zero symptoms until I started bleeding more and I made an appointment to take it out. A few days following removal,everything came crashing dowm,...numbness, muscle ache, chills ,burning pain, stabbing pain,tingling.alll these symptoms were generalized. I am currently seeing a rheumatologist and neurologis,of course my ob gyn and all doctors do not believe is from the Mirena but "hell yes it is"Mirena is a silent poison. we have disproved them.I am currently on day 1 detox with Dr J and I know my life is about to change ladies...thank you all so much and we will keep spreading the word.