Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have to say that I have a bit of a chuckle going on.  Gotta find humor in a humorless situation sometimes....

Does anyone else find it ironic that we got the Mirena to avoid taking ONE pill a day, and now I have to take 8,434,154,950 pills a day to counteract what it did?

Well, THAT seems a bit pointless now.


  1. Hahaha, I guess I did totally rip off your comment :) Great minds! I have to find the humor in this, gets me through the rough days. Thanks again for posting about your recovery, this blog is a God-send, seriously!!

  2. Hi
    Hope you are well
    Im currently still on Mirena and as great it physically is,it just got to me that perhaps my increased anxiety and progressing depression has nothing to do with my sensitive personality...I have been getting worse and worse and it was my friend who suggested it may be coil that sets me off!!! I started reading and got to you...I read some of the comments and wonder if any of you ladies have suffered from depression and anxiety due to Mirena? I had it fitted 2,5 years ago and looking back I JUST realised that I have been gradually getting worse about 8 months after the fitting.It feels like I'm not the same person,like I have lost my positivity and everything that used to be me.I have turned into this scared,worried,not able to be creative anymore person and it seems like its the coil,not me!!! It feels amazing even thinking it may not be me and that I may be able to feel good about myself again.Any comments are very much appreciated as I'm only just realising the bad effects of the coil.Good luck to all of you Aga :-)