Friday, January 13, 2012

Interesting information on SILICONE POISONING

Hey all--

I received this article from Dr. J. regarding silicone poisoning and how it leads to autoimmune illness.  You will see that this article is discussing silicone breast implants, but it is the same silicone as in the Mirena implant.  It is interesting to see that, just like in our instances with the Mirena, these women are still so sick even after their implants were removed...and they are linking into the silicone casing (bag) of the implant that was in them...even after it was removed.  The silicone attacks the body in such a severe is no wonder why we all have symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

I'm still not sure what is going on with the silicone.  I am hearing from some that the test that I had taken was not a correct test because it tested for SILICON--not SILICONE.  Silcon, according to these sources is natural, whereas siliconE is not.  It is the siliconE that is making us all sick (well, ONE of the things).  Unfortunately there is not a specific siliconE blood test out there that I can find.  They can do a test for heavy metal poisoning, and that may detect it.  I'm not sure.  So....after hearing that, I'm not even as excited about my blood test because I'm not even sure now if it is the right one.  UGH.

Anyway, this is a very interesting article that makes a lot of sense regarding our reactions/sickness.  Hope you are able to learn from it.


Blessings and keep fighting.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How sick is this?

So....I wanted to post this article that I had sent to me from a research journal because we are so under-informed about what the Mirena is capable of.

Before you read the article, I want to explain something.....

Most of you probably remember the Norplant birth control.  You probably remember that it was quite popular for some time, and then many women started getting horribly ill (sound familiar?) and it was suddenly removed from the market.


Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but the Mirena pretty much IS the Norplant.  All they did was basically change the name of it and change the location of the body in which it was inserted (Norplant was inserted in the arm; the Mirena was placed in the uterus).  The silicone is the same, the synthetic hormone, Levonogestrel, is the same...all of it.....

That is why I wanted to post this article.  Notice the symptoms that are discussed in it.  These companies KNOW EXACTLY what it is doing to women, and yet it was just re-marketed into a different product--although it has all of the exact same devastating ingredients as something that was already taken off the market due to destroying women all over the world.  How many of us would have made the decision to have that put in our bodies if we knew that it was basically the same thing as the Norplant?  Not many, I'd bet.....

I was also very interested in this article because it really discusses the damage that was done to women's vision and what was proven to be found in many of them.  For me, the extreme loss of vision (primarily in my right eye--went from fine to legally blind almost immediately) is the one symptom that has never improved for me.  Both the Norplant and the Mirena have been connected to something called a "pseudo-tumor" that is in the brain.  What is happening is that this tumor grows in there and begins to crush the optic nerve...obviously causing extensive sight damage or blindness.  I have been in to both an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist, and my actual physical eyes are fine.  Knowing that--and knowing that my vision is HORRIBLE now--makes me concerned.  Is this something that I should have checked?  Maybe I should get an MRI to see if that is what happened?  I'm not sure.....I'm going to talk to my Ophthalmologist about it when I see her next.

Anyway, Please read this.  When you do, you might as well replace the word NORPLANT with MIRENA.....It's sickening.

Here you go.  Just click below:


Keep educating yourselves and others, ladies.  Blessings.