Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey everyone...I just wanted to post something to help everyone keep those chins up.

Three years ago, I began graduate school to obtain my master's degree with a two-year-old and a six MONTH old infant. It was just a couple of months later that I became HORRIBLY ill from the Mirena. At one point, I was planning who was going to take care of my babies because I was sure that I was either going to die or I was going to lose my mind....I just didn't know which one was going to come first. I had every symptom in the book: horrible daily anxiety attacks, adrenaline attacks, losing the ability to use my arms and hands, hair loss, heart palpitations, breathing problems, dizzy spells that would make me literally fall over, insomnia, vision loss, a constant feeling of being disconnected with the world and a complete inability to feel name it. I prayed constantly that my body and mind would heal and become mine again. I BEGGED for that chance...

There were so many times that I almost quit...many times that members of my family told me that I should "take a break" until I got better...but I kept fighting....I kept praying....and I kept persevering....

As more and more time passed, I SLOWLY (unfortunately, too slowly) started to find improvements in my health and longer periods of "remission" between crashes. I am a little over two years post removal (25 months), and although I am not at 100%, I am REMARKABLY better than I once was. It hasn't been easy. I have done four detoxes and continue to take daily supplements.

Last weekend, I was hooded at my master's ceremony--with my now six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son in the audience screaming, "Go MOMMY!" I felt good...I felt strong....I felt happy. I felt like ME.

Overall....I have my life back.

When the bobbles occasionally hit, I roll through them as best I can, and I again celebrate when I am on the other side. They occur fewer and further between one another, and for that I am grateful. Overall, Kristi is back.

I post this to tell you all to KEEP FIGHTING, don't give up, and KNOW that your day IS coming. I know that it doesn't seem like it is ever going to end...but it will....and you will be a stronger woman on the other side of it.

Never forget how strong you are....because you are. One day, this will all seem like a bad dream, but--overall--you will reclaim your life, your mind, and your health--even if it doesn't seem so right now. I was there once.

You WILL heal (slowly, I know)...and you WILL BEAT this thing. I promise.

I genuinely love all of you and continue to pray for your recoveries. Your day is coming.

MUCH love and continued support--Kristi

So we wait....

Just wanted to do a quick update since my last neurology appointment...

I went back in after my "relapse" ended (that one lasted about ten days--numb arms and hands, inability to use my hands correctly, brain fogginess, tingling in my face, arms and legs...), and he decided that he was going to write out an "open" order for another MRI, but this one WITH contrast, for me to do if/when I ever have another relapse.  Of course, I always hope that I won't have another one, but I'm not stupid...I understand that it is very just don't know.  If/When that occurs, whenever that is (even if it is six months from now), I am to call his office, let them know that this order is in my file, and tell them to immediately send it over to the X-ray office.  Then, I am to do the contrast MRI and take those results over to my neurologist to then compare to the one that I had done last month.

The first MRI shows six "lesions", but since the MRI was without contrast, we don't know if they are inactive or evolving.  When another one is done, he will see if there are more than six and/or if those six have changed/grown/evolved.  If there is an increase in the number of lesions or growth of the size of the current lesions, I will need to go down the road of further testing for MS (since that will be another sign that leads more in that direction).  If there is no change (God willing!), MS will be ruled out, and I will continue to be in the category of "unknown autoimmune disease" (most likely Silicone Immune Toxicity Syndrome). we wait.  I obviously hope that there will be no more relapses and, therefore, no more need for further testing, but I'm prepared for it should it come to be so.  At least I know that there is this "baseline" MRI in my file now to compare to.  More information is always a good thing.

So far, since that relapse, I have been doing very well!  I'm still taking daily supplements, I did my fourth liver detox right before Thanksgiving, and I am also still taking my extra 2000 mg of vitamin D daily (since I showed deficiency in that area).  Did you know that vitamin is considered a hormone and not a vitamin?  I didn't.  Now that I do, I'm not at all surprised that the level was bottomed out considering the damage that it did to the rest of my hormones there for awhile.   Wouldn't that be great if adding this vitamin D could be the bump I needed to finally stop with these relapses?  Fingers crossed!

Much love to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  I know that--two years ago--I didn't know if I was going to be with my family on Christmas morning.  This year, I was...and I felt good....and I was happy....and I didn't think about what the Mirena did to me a single time.

Keep those chins up, ladies... It will keep getting better.  YOU will keep getting better.