Friday, December 30, 2011

VERY important video to watch!!!!

Hey everyone,  Dr. J. has posted another video regarding the Mirena that is AMAZING.  It explains the connection between the Mirena and our autoimmune response.  Most of us all had awful symptoms that mimicked autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc....and this video explains why that is.

One thing that I want to also highlight in this video is the acknowledgement of how LONG it takes for a woman's body--EVEN WITH SUPPLEMENTATION--to rebound from this kind of damage.  I know, ladies, it is so hard to deal with these symptoms...and I know how desperately you want it all to be over RIGHT NOW...but, unfortunately, that usually isn't the case with this type of damage.  Dr. J. does a good job here explaining that.  I just want to stress that because I see so many women out there who are so frustrated that they are taking so long to get better, or they start some supplements, take them for a couple of weeks, and if they don't feel better by then, they give up and stop taking them.  Ladies, that DOESN'T WORK.  Your body needs these supplements to draw upon to give your systems a chance to fight on its own behalf.  But, it isn't something that happens overnight.

I am at almost 16 months post removal, and I can honestly say that I am finally out of this nightmare, I have a "bobble" here and there that is very minor, and I haven't regained the vision that I lost, but other than that, I finally have my life back.  But notice, that is 16 months after the day I had the Mirena removed...and I have been taking supplements every day for the last 13 months.  Is it fun?  NO.  Is it cheap?  NO (although, it is much cheaper than the MRIs, tests, and constant Dr. visits, etc).  Is it frustrating?  YEP.  But you know what?  It is worth it.  Why?  Because today I can say that my nightmare is pretty much over, and unlike so many others out there, I am not taking a single prescription, heart medication, anxiety or depression medication....NOTHING.  My symptoms are gone, and it was because I chose to dig in my heels and be patient as I fed my body the needed (and natural) detox and cellular rebuilding supplements as my body used them to heal itself from the inside out.  Yes, I could have taken anxiety meds, and painkillers, and Lord knows what else in order for me to feel better immediately....but, I wouldn't have been better...I would have just been numb--covering up my symptoms while I just added more synthetic poisons to my already over-toxic system.  Had I gone that route, I would probably still be on those meds, and my body would still be completely overwhelmed.

Yes, the route that I took makes you have to deal with crashes as they hit (which, Praise God, are done for me now--knock on wood), and it made me have to find patience as my body SLOWLY returned to normal.   But I am so proud of myself for doing that....and for finally being on the other side of this nightmare completely medication free.  It was so worth it.  SO worth it.

Ladies, DO NOT GIVE UP.  Your bodies will heal.  I promise.  You just need to get the Mirena out, do the "turbo detox" (see previous post) to get your liver to get the toxins out, and then you need to take certain supplements for your body to use during this time that it has been depleted from its own natural reserves and while it figures out how to start working properly again.   For some women, they bounce back right away, but for many--like me--it takes a long time.  I know it is frustrating, and I know that you want your life back right now--I did too--but the day is coming.  Don't lose patience.

I will address all of this more in a future post, but for now, I wanted to get Dr. J.'s video out there for you to see.  Remember, if you can't find someone near you, you can call Dr. J. and speak with him.  He has shipped supplements to women all over the country (the world for that matter) since I have worked with him.  He has spent countless hours learning as much as he can about what the Mirena did to us, and he is more than willing to help you.  What he is finding, though, is that many women start with him, take the supplements for a week or so, and then they quit and wonder why they aren't any better.  That is why he made this try to explain what has happened, and why it takes a long time to recover (and why women are healing at different rates).

So here you go.  I hope that you learn as much as I did.  If you have any questions, please post it in the comments section below.  Dr. J. or I can respond to you.    Keep fighting for your health, and you will continue to heal.  Don't give up.  Your day is coming.  Promise.