Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Starting bio-identical hormones...

Hey everyone.  It's been awhile since I've updated where I am at...and my one year anniversary of having the Mirena removed is in a week--Sept. 2nd to be exact.

With the help of Dr. J.....and a WHOLE lot of patience, I can say that I am remarkably better than I was even six months ago.  I remember, all too well, that feeling of "I'm either going to lose my mind or die, and I just don't know which one is going to hit first."  Overall, I feel pretty good most of the time  (For those who need a reminder of what all of my symptoms were at the beginning, they are listed in one of my first posts).

 As of now, the only symptoms that remain are as follows:

--I never regained the vision that I lost in my right eye.  I actually went to see an Opthomologist a week ago, and I am considered "legally blind" in that eye now.  Thanks, Mirena.  However, she didn't see any physical damage to the eye, so she believes that it could be due to the hormonal damage...which gives me hope that maybe--one day--I can get that vision back again.  Yes, it has been a year since removal, but one can hope, right?

--I still have some bad days during two different times of each month:  one is right as my period is over, and the other time is during ovulation.  It is nothing like it once was, but I do find that my mood is definitely affected.  I just find myself feeling angry for no reason, and that "disconnected/detached" feeling returns. At its worst, I also get dizzy and my vision worsens even more. I hate that feeling like you've been drugged.  That's what it feels like to me--like someone slipped something in my drink.  Super annoying.  It used to scare me, but now it doesn't (only because I've been doing it for so long now that I know that it is coming and that it will go away eventually).  I am looking forward to that going away, though, because it is so hard to do anything on those days.  Everything just seems so much more difficult to do.

--I have sporadic days where my body aches SO MUCH.  My joints hurt...sheesh--it feels like my BONES hurt.  I literally have to sit on my bed upstairs for a minute after walking up the stairs because my legs hurt so much just from walking up ten stairs.  There doesn't seem to be much of a rhyme or reason to it.  Somes days I hurt a lot...some days, I only ache a little.  I swear, that stupid thing gave me Osteoporosis or something. 

Those are the only things that I notice now--at one year post.  Compared to where I was just four months ago, I am beyond grateful.  However, I have made the decision to begin taking bio-identical (oral) hormones to see if I can knock out these last symptoms.  According to Dr. J., our cells have hormone receptor sites on them, and ours could be still so "clogged" by the synthetic hormones, that we need to "flush them out" a bit with some natural hormones.  Since my body is still not figuring out the whole hormonal thing, I think that it is time to try this.  The detoxes put me to about 90%.  I think that, in order to me to get this all behind me, I need to try this to "kick start" and clean out my hormonal junk.  Dr. J. says that the goal here is that I will not have to stay on these long term.  The goal is simply to "clean out" my hormonal recepter sites so that my body's hormones have a greater chance of working themselves out.  Since I am at a full year post, I think it is time that I try.

The hormones that I am on are PROGON B (Oral) and PHYTO B (Oral).  Dr. J. says that oral is much better for us than the cream--I'll let him come on here and explain that...I can't.  The Progon B is natural progesterone, and the Phyto B is natural estrogen.  They are both from a company called

At first, I was bummed that I have come this far--only to take hormonal help close to what I hoped was the "finish line" of all of this, but Dr. J. explained that this is in no way "giving up".  I have healed so much, but apparently, there is just a certain amount of my hormones that were damaged beyond what the detox itself could repair.  These hormones will, God willing, move my systems back up to where they should be...and give them the strength to eventually work on their own.  Who knows, maybe I will even get some of my vision back. 

Yesterday was day one of the hormones for me. Tomorrow is my 35th birthday.  I'm determined that this is going to be my year.  I think about how much better I am today than I was on my 34th birthday (I remember that I almost didn't go out that evening because I was having back-to-back anxiety attacks that day that I couldn't pull myself out of), and I am so thankful.  I pray that this last step is what will put me back to completely healed. 

I promise to keep you all updated!  Huge hugs to you all. 

Keep fighting for your health!


  1. Hi,

    I have been following your blog for a while now as I've been curious as to how other women out there are coping post mirena. My story sounds very similar to yours. I too am one year since removal (in September 2010) and my main complaint was a sudden onset of anxiety about ten days after removal which I am pretty convinced was due to a progesterone crash. I didn't suffer panic attacks but just a constant feeling of anxiety as well as a lot of detachment and a sense of feeling out of my body (it's hard to describe!). After a lot of searching I finally found a doctor who believed my theory of mirena causing this. I too started on bio-identical hormones, today in fact. My VitD and Zinc levels also are very low so I'm working on those too. I am only using a progesterone supplement though. It's been a tough year but it's getting easier. I have coped with my anxiety ok with some great books and also talking it through with a therapist. I think anxiety can tend to get worse through fear and fighting the anxiety regardless of mirena causes. Anyway, I just want to wish you the best of luck. Take care.

  2. Hi everyone! I am approaching my 1 year post mirena anniversary! September 17th to be exact......this has been a nightmare for me as I to have searching for an answer, just a straight forward answer! I have been devastated by this little device that claims a carefree birth control...boy am I suffering for all that "carefreeness" post mirena ! I am now at a point were I am thinking of bioidenticals since I still progesterone is now in normal range but the dr. says its not where I should be since I still have symptoms. My symptoms post mirena included the following: ocd, anxiety, thought intrusion, mood swings, irritability, nausea, and many more.....I didn't have any of this until 4 days post mirena. Who would have thought! Not me! I would love to gear if any of you have/had the same symptoms and if bioidenticals helped you. Keepfighting! Keep strong!

  3. Hi, I posted the comment above yours. Our symptoms are exactly the same. At one point i thought I had OCD! and I still have intrusive thoughts, but I have since learnt that obessive thoughts can also be an off shoot of anxiety too, which gave me a lot of comfort. It's very scary but I have managed ok with some good knowledge on anxiety in general. My hunch is that the Mirena crash has triggered anxiety in us and it's possible that through worry and obsessing the anxiety has gotten worse. This is the approach that I am taking anyway. Like you my progesterone is within "normal" range but at the lower end so I am giving bio-id's a go too. Can't hurt right? Hang in there. I have read a couple of excellent books and there are some good websites too which took the fear out of my anxiety symptoms, I try to just float with it and let it be, your nerves have been over worked and we are sensitised so all emotions, thoughts etc carry more impact and importance than usual. That's what I have learnt anyway and it's helped me greatly, so much so that the OCD type thoughts seem to fade by themselves. Anyway, all the best, I do understand exactly what you are going through. Take care.

  4. Hi this is myleena again. The one who was unable to post comments on Ur page a few weeks ago. I have my status update to share as well. Today I finally had my mirena removed and asked my obgyn about my concerns about the mirena having these affects on me. He said that I was actually the third patient of his to come to him with similar complaints. So he told me not to take any other hormones or birthcontrol pills for now and let Ur body adjust and to follow up with him in 3 months. His patient who first cake to him with these concerns had her removed about 3month ago and is apparently doing better. So we just have to cross our finger and hope that we all have a speedy recovery. Btw did anyone have a weird feeling of emptiness immediately after removal. I some what felt a little sad as though I had a peice of me that was removed and taken away even though this is what I wanted. It's kind of hard to express this confused feeling. It was a little bitter sweet to say the least, or could that just have been my hormones going completely haywire from the sudden removal of the synthetic progesterone? Did anyone get that feeling at all?

  5. Yes! I posted a comment ( the second comment) about my symptoms post mirena. Mine set in 4 days later and here I am still suffering one year later! I am not saying it will happen to you but at least you can be prepared! So ladies have you tried bio- identical yet? Let me know how it is going.

  6. I was doing some googling and came across your blog. I am almost 2.5 years post mirena removal. I suffered though 6 miscarriages and a host of other issues before getting diagnosed with very low progesterone and low testosterone. I went on bio-identicals for nine months and they helped enough to get me by but not enough to feel normal again.

    I stopped taking them about 4 months ago to detox my system and do another hormones panel. My first one came back so wacky that the labs ordered I do another and grilled me about what I was taking to make my hormones swing like that. now I'm doing another hoping to just get results so we can move forward.

    I'm hoping you have better lucky with the bio-identicals and you get some relief :)

  7. Good morning,
    I am a current Mirena user. I had one after my second daughter Jada who is now a little over five, and didn't have any problems with it. I went to get it switched out three months ago, and since then my ovulation time is SEVERELY painful. So painful I end up curled up in a ball, in the fetal position wishing for death, pretty much. Beyond just the pain, I have been trying to figure out why it is that I have been so incredibly depressed, anxiety ridden, I've lost interest in my life, my hobbies, my children (that's a hard thing to admit), I quit my job because it was too stressful on my aching body, my relationship with my boyfriend is waning, I am a miserable ball of mess that doesn't want to take her own life, but wishes something would happen to take it for her. I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted a week and a half ago, I was all out of wack and figured that it would help with this insane anxiety and the inability to breathe or think clearly. It helped a little, but I've always been this happy go lucky, free spirited woman and now I am just a jumbled mess of something or someone I dont recognize. I went searching the internet for my painful symptoms and found a website that lead me to your blog. I started sobbing when I read that not only you, but tons of other women feel trapped in their own skin, and that it was linked to Mirena. That this misery I've been living in has a cause. I called my doctor in the middle of you entry to Loved Ones and Family Memebers of Mirena users. I told them that I needed the earliest appointment that they had, that I was having problems with my IUD and wanted it removed immediately. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, which doesn't seem soon enough.
    All of this to say, that I am incredibly grateful for your blog, and it has given me so much hope that I might be me again someday.
    Stay strong and keep fighting.

  8. I am in such loss. I don't even know what I am looking for, what exactly my symptoms are, but honestly I am frightened. I had my mirena placed in March. I bled for 5 weeks, had a normal cycle in May, and after that, I haven't had a cycle since. I have taken pregnancy tests, they were negative. Well the last month and a 1/2 I started having "contractions". At first I was thinking it was just cramping, but today I sit on my couch truly searching. These "contractions" are getting stronger and more frequent. I also started having extreme come and go pain in my left ovary. Is mirena doing this? I know I should see a doctor, I just don't want to pay a bunch of money out of pocket, if I am just over reacting.

  9. I started having those contractions too...they are miserable. I have an appointment this morning, in about one hour to have my Mirena removed. I've read enough, and had enough "evidence" that I am done injecting this many hormones into my body all at once. I am scared about taking it out and the withdrawl my body is going to endure due to so many hormones being in my body for the past five years and three months.
    I wish you luck stnjb1021! Stay strong!

  10. I have had Mirena since march 2009....Now that 2012 has kicked in, I plan on having it removed. Since having Mirena, my sex drive is NULL...I used to have urges several times a day. Now my husband has to persuade me to have sex and still, I can't concentrate enough to enjoy it (Damn anxiety and depression)

    I am only 28 years old and I have become clumsy, absent minded, anal, lazy,confusion and stuttering when I speak. Sometimes, I just don't talk at all anymore because it's too hard to express myself without becoming an emotional mess, or misunderstood...Just not the me I vaguely remember.

    My husband has been so patient because we got married a year after Mirena was inserted in me and he knows it's the harmones. I fear getting pregnant because I have a biological son and am also raising his three biological children...And we live in poverty due to job loss. I can't even afford to have the freekin' thing removed! Planned parent hood doesn't cover it.

    I've gained 40lbs in a year, and I'm pre diabetic now. Mirena gave me diabetes because of the hormonal crap I go thru, tired so I don't work out, I panic all the time so I comfort eat, I don't like sex anymore. I don't look in the mirror cuz I see a fat, big boobed, zitty jabba the hut.


    1. I am desperate to lose weight quick...
      Hi everyone, just have my evil mirena remove 29 days ago.... Still no lose any pounds.
      I am 49 year old., no menopause yet. Gain 12 pounds, had mirena for 10 month.
      Shame on me, did not research further before decide to get it.
      Now I will try the bio progesterone, hope to loose some weight sooner. I have a health habits,
      Work out, drink lots water etc. Please let me know what else I can do to lose weight very quick!

      Thank you, Sandra.

  11. I am desperate to lose weight quick post mirena...
    Hi everyone, just have my evil mirena remove 29 days ago.... Still no lose any pounds.
    I am 49 year old., no menopause yet. Gained 12 pounds, had mirena for 10 month only.
    Shame on me, did not research further before decide to get it.
    Now I will try the bio progesterone, hope to loose some weight sooner. I have a health habits,
    Work out, drink lots of water etc. Please let me know what else I can do to lose this extra weight very quick!

    Thank you, Sandra.

  12. Ladies!!! I tried commenting earlier but for some reason it didn't post, so forgive me if I'm double posting......
    I am 7 months post mirena and the anxiety continues to just drive me nuts!! No Dr I've been to believes its caused by Mirena. If any if you know of a Dr in southern Ca that understands these side affects, please please please tell me who!!!
    The tired bones and numbness on my left still haunts me. I too feel like I'm either going to go CRAZY(caused by anxiety) or die!!! And both scare me soooooo bad!!! I have two kids and an amazing fiancé and this is taking over my life. My symptoms feel like they are more often than not every month. Def Better than when I had it in but still....