Saturday, August 20, 2011

More help from Dr. J.

Here is another post written up by Dr. J. regarding hormonal health. I hope it gives you health and hope.
HPA axis/Hormones
To start balancing out hormones we first have to look at the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal axis (HPA). This is the master controller in the brain conrolling the symphony of hormones in the body. People with the HPA not functioning properly are disconnected, detached, walled off, feel like they are in a cave (bad memory, foggy thinking, fear/anxiety, feel crazy). When the HPA is working optimally you feel connected to the world, present, and full of life. This is the starting point with hormones and we do this with whole food products from Standard Process (Whole food nutrition company). The products are Hypothalmex, Hypothalamus PMG, Symplex F, Black Currant Seed Oil, and Tuna Omega 3 oil. The oils are the source of essential fats (essential means your body can not make them, they have to be ingested) so your body has the raw materials to make proper hormone. The body can not make it out of nowhere, if you do not ingest it, it can’t make it. The other products are to help the HPA to come back online and reboot so it can properly reconnect and coordinate the symphony of hormones. The HPA literally is the mind/body connection, from immune, nerve, and endocrine cells all talking with each other through cytokines, hormones, & neurotransmitters creating the biochemical background for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical states of being. Everything starts here, if it is not working right, nothing else does either.

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Doc J

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  1. Hi Dr. J,

    My name is Michelle...I had the Mirena now a little over 3 1/2years with what seem to be a system over load from gradual to now in full's a bit hard to explain, but now it seem as though Im losing a whole lot more hair, has gain a whole lot more weight, the body has begun to be extremely painful in the joints, sometimes experiencing numbness and tingling, mind fog most time and it goes on and on...I am scheduled to have this darn poison removed on question is after watching your video...I would like to start detoxing as soon as possible...what is the cost