Saturday, August 20, 2011

Posting Comments

Hey everyone, I got a message from a woman that informed me she was unable to post comments on this blog. I am so sorry! I had no idea!

I went in to my settings and changed some things around, so--hopefully--you can now.

Please comment! We can all learn from each other!


  1. Thank u so much for responding to me and Dr. J sent me an e-mail as well already. I read Ur blog on the plea to the husbands the night my husband and I were having a really horrible fight about how I'm so with drawn from our family among other things and I pulled up Ur blog and left it on the computer for him to read when I was at work. He came to my work the next day with our girls ( 4yrs & and almost 2yrs ) just like urs, and brought flowers and in tears apologized and said that he was going to stand by me the whole way. What u wrote was so empowering and impacting to both our lives and I thank u for sharing that with the rest of us. I am 32 and a former stay at home mom scheduled for removal of my iud in 2 wks. It really hits home  hard to find someone with such a similar situation cuz it just validates inside me that I'm not making these things up in my head. So thanks again and I will pray for Ur speed recovery as well. 

  2. I can't begin to tell you how much your comment means to me! I am so happy to hear that the post helped your husband's understanding and acceptance of what has happened to you, and THANK YOU so much for sharing your story with me! I thought it was important to write that post so that the husbands can see the impact of what has happened through they eyes of someone outside of their experience. I think that it is easy for them to be unable to really understand/grasp the severity of what has happened when it is only coming out of the mouth of the woman who he believes is already half crazy or has slipped away. I wrote that particular post months after I was at my worst and tried to write it as exactly what I wished I could explain to my husband during the time but couldn't. Again, thank you for your kind words, and I am so thrilled to know that hour husband has now joined this battle alongside you. Best wishes for continued strength and blessings for your marriage and family.