Sunday, October 9, 2011

An important video from Dr. J.

Hey everybody.  Yes, I know that it has been over a month since I posted.  I'm really sorry about that.  I promise that I haven't forgotten about you all!  ;-)

I am planning on coming on here this week and typing a detailed update on exactly how I am doing.  I just need to knock out this final exam for this particular grad school course, and I will have a whopping ten day break until my next course starts.  For those of you with small children, you can imagine how difficult that is with a four and a two year old!  So....please keep checking in.  I'll be posting again in just a few days....PROMISE!

Until this, please watch this video that Dr. J. posted regarding his thoughts on the Mirena.  This is the doctor who gave me my life back, and--so far--he is the only doctor who I see really trying to help women like us who have suffered so much.  I am so appreciative that he made this video to try to explain his thoughts on some things.  I didn't even ask him to!  I truly believe that God is using him in a mighty way. 

Here is the video.  Enjoy.  Come back on here and discuss in the "comments" section.  Let's get a dialogue going!  (And yes...before you even ask after watching the video...My real name is Kristi...nice to meet you!  :-)

Hope this helps you!  Keep healing!


  1. can you help me. I am trying to figure out if what I am going through is due to mirena. I am having it removed tomorrow, but I want to know what to expect after. email me please.

  2. WOW...I wish I could see this Dr. or afford this Dr! I go to a "clinic" because that is all we can afford as we don't have insurance. The Mirena did horrible things to me, starting only 1 and 1/2 weeks after being put in. I can't believe how messed up that thing has me. Depression/anxiety/panick attacks/insomnia/heart palpitations...the list goes on. I made an appt. at the clinic and demanded to have it taken out, because I did some of my own research. I basically got yelled at for looking on the internet and getting the WRONG information! I was told that only "crazy people" blame all of the symptoms I was having on Mirena! I am happy to have it out, but now I am still dealing with the aftermath. I got it because they claimed it would help me quit bleeding every day. Yeah right! So now I am probably going back to bleeding every day, but I think I will take that over what was happening while I had the Mirena! Anyway, I am sorry to go on and on, but I was wondering if you know of any lists or places I can get information on like vitamins or flushes to help with getting this out of my system as fast as possible!? I only had it for 3 months, but it was the most horrifying 3 months of my life! My email is God bless you and thanks for this blog, it helps to know we are not completely alone in this and that I am NOT crazy!

  3. Holly--No, you are definitely NOT crazy. It makes me sick how much the docs fight us on getting that thing out. You are right, bleeding daily is still better that what the Mirena does to you the longer it is in. I would do anything to be able to go back to that day that I had it inserted and opt out. Anything....

    As far as detoxing, I had a lot of success with the "Turbo Detox" that I did through Standard Process. It is here on my blog. Maybe you should try it! It sure made a difference for me!

    Hope that helps! Keep fighting!--PM