Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, I respect doctors.  I really do.  I have some who have helped me tremendously in my life.  I have also, especially during this Mirena experience, dealt with a couple who pretty much said that it was all in my head and then tried to just push a bunch of prescriptions for anxiety my way.  It was so frustrating because I was literally sitting in one of my doctor's offices BAWLING my head off because I was scared to death.  I actually said to him, "I can tell that I'm dying....I can feel it happening....and I need you to stop it.  Please help me."  At that point, I could feel system after system slowly shutting down, and--at the time--I didn't even know exactly what was physically happening--I just knew that the Mirena was the cause because everything happened at the same time.  He waved his hand at me, told me that "it sure didn't sound like the Mirena", and moved on with the conversation.

I also remember telling him, "I have been your patient for almost seven years, and I've been here, what, maybe two times?  Once for an ear infection and once because I sliced open the back of my foot and you had to glue it closed.  Now, suddenly, I'm here every week in tears with some new symptom that is keeping me from functioning correctly.  Obviously, I am not some hypochondriac who wants to be here for attention.  I NEVER go to the doctor.  I ALWAYS try to let my body heal on its own.  I need you to believe me.  This thing has done something.  Trust that I know my body."  Again....a silent nod and nothing.  Ugh.  This was the same doctor that told me that there was no way that I had silicone poisoning in my blood, and that--if I did--it is impossible to get out.  Whoopies, were wrong on both counts.

Women, trust your bodies.....  Even if your doctor doesn't believe you.   Keep searching until you find one who does.  That's what I did (Thanks, Dr. J.).

*I* was the one who figured out it was the Mirena by many a night of online searches and contacting others to match symptoms....and I was right.

*I* was the one who matched symptoms up to believe that I had silicone poisoning...and forced my doctor to run the test...and I was right.

Almost everything that was diagnosed for me was done because *I* figured it out, and then I went to the doctors to run the tests to prove it....and I was proven right each time.

I am not saying this to brag or pat myself on the back.  I'm telling you this to remind you that, just because you don't have a degree in medicine, you do know your bodies, ladies.  You know your minds, your emotions, your strength...all of it.  Nobody knows that like you do.  Doctors (not all of them) can be ignorant, too.  If you find one who is--and who is unwilling to listen--FIND ANOTHER ONE.

I felt the need to write this post because I just heard from another fellow Mirena sufferer who just left her doctor because he was ignorant....and he was pompous.  He told her that it was all in her head, and actually said, "You can go to the website for Tide detergent and probably find these symptoms."


I don't know who you are, doc....but I kind of want to smack you around a little bit.  What happened to you?  When did you become unwilling to listen to someone who is clearly sick and suffering and open your mind to possible reasons why that could be....ESPECIALLY when she is holding hundreds of stories from other women who all have the EXACT same symptoms and ALL have the Mirena?  Since when is that not worth your time to consider that as a possibility when this woman started shutting down within days to weeks of having that thing put in her body?  Let me tell you something, "doctor", one day, all of this information is going to come to light--just like the Norplant did--and you are going to realize that you were insensitive and, more importantly, WRONG.  When that happens, I hope that you rethink how you treat patients who enter your office with something that might just be (GASP) unfamiliar to you.  Just because you haven't encountered it doesn't mean it isn't true.

The first day I met Dr. J., he said, "One thing I have learned is that I trust what women say about their bodies.  I don't know what it is about you, but almost every woman that I treat is correct about what is going on with them.  You have that intuition that blows my mind.  I have learned to really listen to that and move from there."  When he said that, the tears came.  I finally found someone who was going to fight for me.  Someone who believed me.  That made all the difference in the world.

Ladies, you are not crazy.  You are sick.  Your bodies have been damaged.  But you can fight to get your life back.  I hope you find a doctor to be in your corner as you do.  But, no matter what, do NOT let anyone tell you that what you KNOW isn't what is happening.  You know better.

Tide detergent.....seriously, doc?  Maybe if I ATE a gallon of it....and I would still feel better than I did when I was at my worst.  Tide

Doctors are smart.  Doctors can help.  But some doctors can be ignorant, too.  At the end of the day, they are not YOU.  Don't forget that, and don't let some giant degree on an office wall make you feel like you don't know anything about you.

Keep fighting for your health, ladies.  You'll get there.


  1. Thank you so much Kristi for putting to words everything I feel on a daily basis. I was so lost until I found your blog and the FB group. It is so nice to not be alone.

  2. Very Well said Kristi!!!! And because of you and your courage, I am also corrently in contact with Dr. J. Such a great doctor!!!! I will post my story soon (as soon as I get enough energy to put it all together).


  3. You are more than welcome!!! I'm happy to be "here" for you all! We are all in this together!

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  5. Exactly...I have went to the dr. more since October than I have in many years!!! I have gotten very frustrated with a couple of doctors. I can't wait until it comes out about what this Mirena can do!! I just want big warning labels on them until then. What it does to your progesterone levels, etc. is not normal and not healthy!!!

  6. This post is so right - I have had so many doctors not listen to me. I have really painful endometriosis, and one nurse had the gall to tell me that maybe I was in pain "because you walked to far today". 8 doctors, 8 years, and FINALLY found some who believe me, who will treat me. This is not liberation for women; we need a medical revolution.


    Its a problem all over the world, Mirena is evil.....

  8. I had the Mirena for three years. I decided to have it taken out due to irregular periods and cramping all the time. I had irregular periods before I had the Mirena, but the doctor thought that it would help regulate them. So, I had it removed and then my periods got worse and I hated all that bleeding, so I decided to have another Mirena put back in, since I didn't really have any other side effects I thought at least I won't have such heavy periods. I had it put back in Dec 2013. The first thing I noticed was that I was having acne all over my face about a week after. I though no big deal, although I never had ance, not more than one or two pimple, even as a teenager. After no luck getting my face to clear up, I went to see my doctor, and she said it was prob from the hormones from the Mirena. She prescribed me some medicene to clear up the acne. Just recently my hands and feet started tingling and now having tingling all over my body. This is soo frustrating and painful. Not to mention the lack of sleep due to the tingling and anxiety because I get no relief and don't know what's wrong with me. I decided to look up tingling and Mirena after my doctor said it could be causing my acne and found this blog. Those of you who have had the tingling, did it get better after having the Mirena removed?

  9. Please know this is all iuds not just mirena

  10. I am experiencing major hair loss from this horrible iud - can anyone let me know if they experienced the same and it it stopped falling out and if it grew back? I had it in for 6 weeks and has been out now for 3 weeks ... many of the other horrible side effects have subsided however the hair loss is major! Please help :(

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