Monday, April 11, 2011

Some updates....

I figured that it was time for some updates for everyone who reads this blog.....

Let's see.....

I am now almost 7 months post Mirena removal.  The detox truly gave me my life back.  I would say that 98% of the time, I feel myself again.  The only things that I still notice are as follows:

1.  I never regained the vision that I lost in my right eye, and

2.  I have a couple of "sketchy" days around my cycle (usually at ovulation time).  It only lasts 24-48 hours...and it is NOTHING like how I was before the detox (no anxiety attacks or anything), but I do notice an overall feeling of uneasiness all day and I know that I have to work harder to keep my mood even (my patience level is very low, I'm very tired, etc.).  It is crazy though, it lasts no more than 48 hours, and then it is like someone flips a switch and I feel great again.  I have just gotten used to the fact that those days are going to come once each month.  Apparently, though, Dr. J thinks that there is something that I can add to my supplements to even take that away.  I just spoke with him on the phone this week, and he is sending me a couple of supplements that will help my body increase its progesterone levels, and that should help me through my ovulation time as well.  I'll let you know how it works and what they are called when they get here.  He just reminded me that, even though the silicone is out of my system, I obviously still have some of the synthetic hormones in there, and that is making it difficult for my own body's hormones to regulate themselves during ovulation time when they have to work harder.  That is the next bit of healing that I am working on because I hate being a person, even for only 48 hours, who wants to just crawl in the corner until I feel better. 

I'm actually thinking about doing the detox a second time.  Even though I think that I could live the rest of my life like this and still be thankful that I'm so much better, if there is any synthetic hormone left in there (and the main one that the Mirena uses, Levonorgestrel, is--according to Dr. J-- showing to be a large cancer-causing substance), I want to do everything that I can to make sure that every last bit of it is out of my body before any long-term damage is done.  I figure that you can't be too careful, right?

Dr. J said that he is actually thinking about making a video to post here that will explain what the Mirena has done to us and what the detox actually does for our bodies.  I reminded him that his anonymity would officially be gone, and he said that he didn't care.  He is more concerned with helping all of us get our lives back.  I am so thankful that there are doctors like that in our world.  He has been such a blessing to me, and I know that he is currently working with several other women now as well. 

Dr. J....if you are reading this, please know that you are an angel to all of us.  God is truly using you in a mighty way, and don't ever forget that.  I will NEVER forget what you have done for me.  THANK YOU for being a man who chooses doing the right thing over how much money you can get.  You are heaven sent, and we--as well as our families--are so thankful for you.  Husbands have their wives back and children have their mommies back because of you.  For that, you should be proud.  YOU are exactly the kind of person who SHOULD be a doctor because you truly are a man who is most concerned with helping others.  In my experience throughout this, I (as well as most of the other women who read this) have learned that it is rare to find that.  Most of the doctors wouldn't listen or believe us.  You did...and you are fighting for us.  You are changing the world one person at a time, and we are more grateful than you will ever understand.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I'll be back on soon, ladies.  I am going to copy a post on here from a woman named Erika who just finished the detox as well.  I'd like for you to hear from other women as well so that you can be confident that it is also helping other women and not just me.  She has given me permission to do it, so I'll be back with that soon.

Big hugs to you all.  You are doing great!  Keep fighting for your health, and know that I'm right here with you!


  1. My Daughter who is 40yrs old was diagnos with stage 3 breast cancer.She just had a double masectomy last month. Ok now my thoughts,She also had the Mirena for 3 yrs to control her heavy bleeding at the time of her periods. She had the mirena taken out in June cause it feeds the cancer. She had a braca test done which was neg and breast cancer is not in our family. I have been doing a lot of research on this and there has been reports of spontanious breast cancer but not enough for the FDA to check this out. I believe this caused my daughters breast cancer and i know there are a lot of bad side effects this mirena causes. There was a petion site for the Mirena they needed signatures to send to the fda. We just don't know what we are puting into our bodies.

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