Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey everyone...I just wanted to post something to help everyone keep those chins up.

Three years ago, I began graduate school to obtain my master's degree with a two-year-old and a six MONTH old infant. It was just a couple of months later that I became HORRIBLY ill from the Mirena. At one point, I was planning who was going to take care of my babies because I was sure that I was either going to die or I was going to lose my mind....I just didn't know which one was going to come first. I had every symptom in the book: horrible daily anxiety attacks, adrenaline attacks, losing the ability to use my arms and hands, hair loss, heart palpitations, breathing problems, dizzy spells that would make me literally fall over, insomnia, vision loss, a constant feeling of being disconnected with the world and a complete inability to feel name it. I prayed constantly that my body and mind would heal and become mine again. I BEGGED for that chance...

There were so many times that I almost quit...many times that members of my family told me that I should "take a break" until I got better...but I kept fighting....I kept praying....and I kept persevering....

As more and more time passed, I SLOWLY (unfortunately, too slowly) started to find improvements in my health and longer periods of "remission" between crashes. I am a little over two years post removal (25 months), and although I am not at 100%, I am REMARKABLY better than I once was. It hasn't been easy. I have done four detoxes and continue to take daily supplements.

Last weekend, I was hooded at my master's ceremony--with my now six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son in the audience screaming, "Go MOMMY!" I felt good...I felt strong....I felt happy. I felt like ME.

Overall....I have my life back.

When the bobbles occasionally hit, I roll through them as best I can, and I again celebrate when I am on the other side. They occur fewer and further between one another, and for that I am grateful. Overall, Kristi is back.

I post this to tell you all to KEEP FIGHTING, don't give up, and KNOW that your day IS coming. I know that it doesn't seem like it is ever going to end...but it will....and you will be a stronger woman on the other side of it.

Never forget how strong you are....because you are. One day, this will all seem like a bad dream, but--overall--you will reclaim your life, your mind, and your health--even if it doesn't seem so right now. I was there once.

You WILL heal (slowly, I know)...and you WILL BEAT this thing. I promise.

I genuinely love all of you and continue to pray for your recoveries. Your day is coming.

MUCH love and continued support--Kristi


  1. Kristi,

    Congratulations!! I've followed you on Curezone and here as well. This is such a big accomplishment by itself and with a family; but to add the seemingly insurmountable challenges of mirena recover - you are truly an amazing person!

    So happy for you to reach this goal. Good luck to you:) Leslie

  2. Congratulations! I just had my second Mirena removed and found your site while looking for answers and suggestions on how best to approach recovery. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog while pursuing your masters. I sincerely appreciate it and wish you health, love, happiness and success!

  3. Very awesome! I have followed your blog for a long time, and am very happy to see this! I suffered for 3 long years, and thought that I was dying even after Mirena removal. It was removed after it perforated my uterus when inserted. 3 months no one listened to me, and another medical specialist discovered that it had been attaching itself to my abdominal wall for 3 months before I had the surgery to remove it. Fast forward to when I got my life back after much heartache, and many medical bills trying to find answers with many doctors not taking me seriously, and treating me as if I were crazy suggesting that an IUD had given me so many issues. In the end, I finally found a doctor that listened. I had a hysterectomy at age 26, and that was my turning point. Sad it came down to that, but I got my life back. That's the most important thing. I'm also back in college now, and life has been great for 2 years. Very happy that things are going well for you! Congratulations.

  4. I have read looked @ your blog twice. WOW! is what I said when I read it. I agree with you and feel like I am in the same boat. I was diagnosed with Autoimmune hepatitis 2yrs ago. If it had not been for God and I wouldn't be here. I deal with mine daily and even more so monthly during my cycles. Crazy! I wish I would have known prior to getting the STUPID mirena.

  5. Kristi,
    Thank You for everything!! Thank You for your story. Thank You for being so positive, that has been huge in helping me to keep fighting and gave me hope that it might be possible for me to get back to me again!! Thank You for caring to help others. You are an amazing person. I am so Happy for you, Congratulations!! I have prayed for you too and I am so grateful for your success in all that you have accomplished, You deserve it all!! I hope to have your Happy ending. God Bless, Sandy

  6. Thank you so much for your update. It gave me a real boost on a day when I needed one. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  7. Kristi:

    Congratulations on hanging in there and fighting adversity. Fortunately, my wife was able to get her device taken out long before it caused any major problems. But doctors across the country were pushing this device on women and making Bayer a lot of money in the process. The problem: they duped the doctors too.

    This device has caused countless women to suffer. At my law firm, we get calls every day from women who have been injured. Initially, the calls were sporadic. Then we researched it, learned how dangerous the device was, and started writing about it on our blog:

    Now we are hearing from women everywhere who have suffered because yet another dangerous product has been placed on the market for the purpose of making these companies a profit. As I battle with pharmaceutical companies everyday, I get more and more disgusted about their conduct. Until they start putting corporate executives in jail, I'm afraid it isn't ever going to get much better.

    But congratulations to you. I'm glad that you had the strength to not let this hold you back.

    I'm going to link to your blog so that women everywhere can hear your story. You are an inspiration to all of those who have been injured. God bless you.

    Lawrence L. Jones II

  8. I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.

  9. I never connected it to my symptoms until I was on the rosacea website and a couple women mentioned they had the merina iid. Then I started researching. I just had mine removed yesterday and I think I am having "The Merina Crash". I feel bloated in my abdomen. I didn't feel this way before it was removed. I have had a lower left abdomenial pain oft and on and was told it was a cyst. The pain has returned today. It's so hard to be assertive with doctors. But I have learned that I must be assertive and proactive about my healthcare. I have a special needs child and I learned that really quick. I thought / felt okay now doctors we are in this together. No, not really! I am on my own. I am learning to listen to myself and gut. I think that the hormones have messed with my body and have given me auto immune symptoms. I have something like raynaulds all of a sudden. My hands and feet get cold / have spells and my feet turn purple and the only way to make it go away is take a really hot bath. I just got migraines, flashes in my eyes, chalazion, memory problems. I think all this is related. The mirena was good in preventing pregnancy but it has a cost. They don't know for sure how it works and says it prevents fertilization but I have been convicted personally that I don't want to destroy life if that is what it is doing. Birth control is a personal decision and I don't judge others in this. I had 10 years of Mirena and no thinking about becoming pregnant. But I was clueless to what it was doing to my body. What is done is done. Today I am going to think more for myself and not just blindly believe everything I am told especially from the medical community. I have treated them like gods. God forgive me! The basic thing I would want other women to know before they get a mirena is the truth! There is a lot of guessing going around. Don't let doctors make you think you are crazy or a hypochondriac. Listen to yourself and body! Thanks for your blog. And congratulations on your degree. You worked hard for that.

  10. I have had Mirena since April 2009 and I have minimal complaints. I have had weight gain and I have been debating on getting it removed next week when I get my annual.
    mirena recall

  11. I got mirena oct 4 2012.. I had it removed about a week ago... I thought I was absolutly going crazy.. my son was 10 weeks old when I got it.. I was perfectally fine emotionally and physically until I got the mirena.. literally had it for 2 weeks and all of a sudden didn't want to be around my husband or my son I just wanted to be alone or die.. my husband hated it, he said I wasn't me anymore.. he wanted it taken out a month after I got it but I refused because I just thought I needed to give it some time to get used to it.. I gave it 5 months I regret getting it so bad. In that little time I had completely changed.. I'm so glad I read on the internet and found out about the crash.. because I thought I needed to be locked up. I was extremely depressed, EXTREMELY depressed, I have really bad anxiety and a unwell feeling an unwanted feeling, I have insomina, foggy brain which bothers me the most, I feel like I'm in my own little world like I can't consentrait on anything!!! I am getting better but I just want to be normal again I want to love my husband like I did and be a good mom like I was before I want to be me again..

  12. Hello Kristi,

    I am a 36 year old active woman with healthy BMI (also have 2 healthy young children--no miscarriages). After my 2nd child was born, I had the mirena in place April 2012 (for a total of 11 months) I lost partial vision in my eye 12/22/12 and it has yet to return!!! Reportedly my optic nerve was swollen and my retina was bleeding and the damage to the optic nerve has left my vision "permenanty damaged."

    On Christmas Eve 2012 I had my first of two MRIs with contrast and a Spinal tap. Praise God--No tumors, lesions or evidence of stroke. They ruled out MS, PTC and strokes with blood test. I demanded another MRI last week to see if there was any change in 3.5 months, thankfully there were no changes. After all of these results, God clearly spoke to me and and I felt so compelled to have the (Mirena) removed after having it in place 11 months. I have since found a law suit against Bayer (makers of Mirena) where currenlty 100 wome have come forward (with Pseudo Tumor Cerebrae) have suffered asymmetrical vision loss, migraines and nausea--that's me!!!! My spinal tap came back "normal" and I am not obsese, so my doc said I don't have PTC which then makes me ineligible for this suit, but I WANT permanent vision loss to be a WARNING on this product if it continues to be made. This affects my every day functioning-- I have almost stepped on my 1 year old as I can't see him on my left side. I am so angry. I have severe headaches to the point of nausea from the vision loss--yet a large portion of my job is typing reports (visually draining).

    I am going to a new opthalmic neurologist in May who specializes in the optic nerve. Each of my docs have been very dismissive of my claims regarding Mirena, but I have no other possible health risks to leave me permanently damaged...UGH Do you know of specific vitamins people have used to help regenerate their optic nerve?

    Thank you for your blog and congrats on your Masters and 2 beautiful children.

    thanks so much for your time,

  13. Hello Kristi.
    Congratulations to you for your recent achievements.
    To go through the pain and suffering you have while still being a mother to 2 small children and running a home is amazing and you are an inspiration to those around you. It also gives those who are suffering hope to keep on going.
    I have followed your story since I became aware that the mirena coil was the only explanation for my failing health. The catch side of this is that there is no medical explanation for my symptoms. I have become a laughing stock to the medical fraternity, especially when I face the doctors or the ER from intense unbearable pain that all the tests they run cannot explain. My mental state has been questioned as a result. From a healthy mother of 3 boys, working 3 jobs and had my own internet business, etc I was just on the go constantly to being unable to walk, dress or bath myself, severe pain everywhere, feeling ice cold all the time and literally every single symptom you have described.
    From the onset of the mirena coil I had problems but never tied it up to the final crash when I neared 5 yrs of having it in. There was no medical reason for having it in and I was never told of any side effects at all. When I did go to the doctors for hard breasts that never went down for months on end, all they said was it was just an adjustment and it would go away. And the same for the strange irregular periods and a host of other symptoms I never had prior.
    Personally my opinion is that the mirena coil stresses your body out so much that you cannot add normal stress to the mixture. That was the recipe of disaster for me. I lost 10kg in a month and continued spiralling downhill. I had it replaced but once I left the UK had it removed as it was the only foreign thing I had in my system. Recovery hasn't happened overnight but alot of the symptoms have lessened.
    It is unbelievable what the doctors and specialists say. I was told there are no side effects. They were wrong. I was told that as soon as I have it out I will start my regular cycle and it will be normal. It has never been right since. Nevermind all the other stuff they deny as a result.
    I have come to terms that a once trusted organisation (the FDA) and the pharmaceutical companies (in this case Bayer) are profit making businessmen who we innocently see as caring for our health. (just as a side note: have a look at what the FDA has approved as additives in soda pops for our children - shocking!) I have refused every medication the medical fraternity has tried to throw at me. Bearing in mind there is no diagnosis and I am expected to take medication that will affect my health in other ways.
    They will never take responsibility because these things are out there doing what they are designed to do. Just the mirena coil itself and what it contains is pure EVIL and it is designed to do just that. All the side effects like pain, panic attacks, anxiety, etc is evil incarnate.
    When I took responsibility for having it inserted in the first place, irrespective of the lack of information and lies, I started to see it for what it was. It doesn't take the pain and suffering away completely but it has improved hugely and easier to cope at times when it is unbearable.
    I am so glad many of my friends didn't have the coil when I thought it was the greatest thing but I do hope that we who have suffered, and still suffering, give light to those who are and can stop the unnecessary suffering of others.
    While my healing continues, like all the wonderful women out there sharing their stories, and yourself Kristi, I pray for an end to this unnecessary attack on women, esp for the young girls now able to get it.
    There is no light in becomes a life of darkness.
    Thank you for your story.
    Wishing you all the light, love and laughter of life which we all deserve.

  14. Hi, I'm so happy I found your blog. I just had my Mirena out yesterday and had a Silcone blood test today can't wait to find out the results. I have so many of the similar problems you faced. I'm curious as to what daily supplements you take? I just ordered the detox stuff so I will begin that and then I wanted to know what daily supplements you use? Thank you again for making all of us Mirena users not feel alone.

  15. Kristi- Thank you for sharing your story, I believe that finally finding your blog last night, saved my life. This past week was the absolute worst I have ever been and it was completely crippling to the point that I couldn't go to work and I couldn't even shower. I legitimately thought I would need to be committed. I started having extreme panic attacks shortly after my Mirena was inserted in July of last year. My physician put me on Prozac and gave me Xanax. Recently, I changed jobs and have not had insurance and I felt helpless. My husband was the one who made the connection that my mental instability could be related to the Mirena. I thought he was crazy until last night. I spent approximately 8 hours reading blogs and your blog was the first one that I stumbled upon. I cried when I read your story because of the pain you endured and I cried because I could empathize because I too, was experiencing that pain. And then I cried some more because I finally felt like I wasn't crazy and that there was finally a light at the end of this dark tunnel I had been walking through for the last 11 months. I called Planned Parenthood this morning and I had my IUD removed today. I know I have a long journey to recovery in front of me but at least I have the courage now, inspired by your strength, to endure it. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!

  16. Wow, I am sitting here reading this blog & tearing up. I too, am experiencing some of the worst symptoms yet since I had the Mirena placed 2 yrs and 2 months ago. First of all, after 3 months, I started feeling all of these symptoms(fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, insomnia, night sweats). Begged for help at my primary care dr, all autoimmune tests negative, but positive for menopause. Not expecting that, I was placed on Estrogen for the last almost 2 years. I have had sporadic episodes of symptoms. I will feel 100% fine for months, then BOOM, debilitating symptoms. For the past week, pain all over, extreme joint pain, this really struck me, inability to use my hands correctly, dizziness, muscle weakness, shortness of breath on exertion, skin crawling feeling. People would just look at me like I was crazy when I went to the ER, even my friends & family wonder if it was in my head. They want to be supportive, but all tests keep coming back negative. I am having this Mirena removed on Tuesday. I am thankful to have found Dr J's video & that referred me to your blog. I am so thankful just to know that this is what is causing my issues. Thank you for your blog.

    1. I'm so glad I found this!! I had my Mirena for 3.5 yrs and thought I was going crazy...such strange symptoms..had it removed 7 months ago symptoms have gotten much better but still surface sometimes..going for an MRI soon ...dr thought the connection between Mirena and MS symptoms were interesting but didn't dismiss them

  17. Kristi,
    try neuroscience the complete test for hormones and brain levels. Helped me tremendously. It showed that the mirena may have caused a chemical imbalance which can cause many of the other symptoms. Again find an alternative dr that can help, and the company is called neurosciences and do the complete test. It's a little pricy but worth it.
    God bless.

  18. I'm 34 years old and I'm planning to take the mirena out of me. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago. My joints started to hurt and get swollen after about 8 months after the mirena was placed(3 years now). I asked my obgyn and rheumatologist if mirena was the cause. But they didn't know. So I'm gonna ask for a silicone test if I can get it.

  19. Due to the defective medical devices and consumer products now I am facing Mirena Recall problem . Our lawyers are now pursuing Mirena IUD Litigation against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals -makers of the Mirena IUD

  20. I am not sure if you still check in on your blog, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your story!!! 5 years ago, I had the Mirena inserted, and thought it was fantastic. Around the same time, I started my fitness journey (losing weight and getting healthy). It took me 2 years, but I lost 60 pounds and felt fantastic. I became a health and fitness coach, and started learning so much about my body and how food affects my body. I was exercising daily, and eating very clean, but still struggling to drop my last 10 pounds to put myself in a health weight range. Long story short, my progress stopped, and even started to REVERSE. Despite all of my hard work and, I was gaining weight! I struggled for about 15 months with fatigue, nausea, weight gain, depression, sore back, brain fog, and many more typical and not so typical side effects. My doc diagnosed me with Epstein Barr Virus, and my levels were SUPER high. I started to suffer from all sorts of autoimmune issues. Anyway, after tons of research, I finally put it together that my Mirena was the source of all of my issues. I made an appointment and had it removed ASAP. I am about 2 weeks post Mirena, and was starting to really feel the crash. I started poking around on the internet because in the last 2 weeks I have developed a shortness of breath. I have seasonal allergies that cause asthma, but I have been taking meds that usually combat the problem. On a whim I searched Mirena crach and shortness of breath...and came across your blog. I am SO GLAD I did. I am a firm believer that through our nutrition we can conquer most any health issue. I am sure I will be able to detox as you did and get my life back again. Your blog gave me the confirmation that I needed that I am NOT crazy, and that what I am going through is a perfectly normal part of the process. Thank you!!

  21. hi im going thou this horrible misunderstood mirena problem i have a nuro appt next monday they thinking its ms now i no its my mirena i have had it in for 3 year had constant bleeding went on mini pill, went down hill from the first day. i am a wife an mother of 4 boys so need to get myself back on tract for them as well, i said i will leave no stone unturned an will not give up the fight this time. i prayed an bang my iud looked up ms like symptoms an mirena an got the shock of my life. i have wanted this out 3 times an now i have appt tues at docs to demand it out asap they cant see strings from last check an was told i have to have hospital appt for when time comes to remove so hope i dont wait to long i feel like im slowly dieing an they cant figure it out i have an autoimmune disease now to they reckon but not sure what to call it hahaha i know thou an kept saying i feel like im being poisoned im now deeply depressed an sick of this pain. my kids need there fun, loving, active mum back not to mention my loyal, caring hard working hubby. wish mw luck for tues thanks all for sharing yay im not crazy but worse than that im poisoned. i want to join this site to help fight this debilitating life stealing device. from Whangarei,New Zealand

    1. Hi, I had the Mirena inserted for heavy bleeding. On removal had a Mirena Crash. You are the only one in NZ to acknowledge this is bad. What did you do to detoxify? Andrea from Auckland

  22. I also had ms symptoms they went away when i did the cleansed.

  23. Hi! thanks for sharing us your story! you've worked really hard

  24. Hey Kristi , can we message each other I'd like to talk to you

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