Monday, May 7, 2012

What a difference a detox makes!

Wow.....Let me say that again.....What a difference a detox makes!

As you all know, I just completed my third detox since having my Mirena removed.  I had one about four months after removal, another one about six months after that, and this one was about a year since my last one.  I knew that it was time because I was getting a resurgence of symptoms that had been gone for awhile.  I was frustrated, but I am happy that it seems like I am given a longer and longer period of time before I have to detox again.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I feel so much better now.  I completed my detox about a week ago.  It made a big difference.  The month before I detoxed (last month), I struggled through almost every transition of my cycle.....dizziness, problems thinking, weak hands, issues with my breathing (that was starting to get really bad again).  I detoxed for the three weeks again, and I can honestly say that my entire last cycle just came and went, and I hardly even noticed it.   I was traveling for a family wedding, finishing up my most recent grad school course, potty trained my little boy, and I felt strong through all of it.  Thank you, God.

Talking with Dr. J., I think I am going to be a bit more proactive on the detoxing for this next year.  Instead of waiting until I am symptomatic, I am going to do a detox every 3-4 months or so for the next year just to REALLY keep my blood and organs clean instead of waiting for all of the toxins to build back up. It's a better choice for me because when I start becoming symptomatic again, I go downhill FAST.  I've learned that the past two times I've had to detox.  I start getting one symptom, then two more, etc., until--by the time the box of the detox reaches my front door--I am practically sprinting to the door to get it because I feel so sick.  Maybe if I do a few detoxes while my system is still strong, that will be it.  One can always hope.

One thing that I have definitely learned through this is that, as much as I wish it was, this sickness that the Mirena throws some of us in is not one that you can always knock out in one detox and then you are done.  Now, you just never know.....I know women who were back to feeling great within just a couple of months after the first detox.  I also know far too many ladies who are three years after removal and still struggling consistently.  I am currently at 20 months post removal.  I have good days.  I have bad days.  I've learned that the detoxes really help me.  Unfortunately, it isn't a "one and done" scenario for me.  It may not be for you either.  I keep my chin up and remind myself that--with each detox--I am getting more and more of the poison out of my tissues, and that is a good thing.    It's not cheap.  I wish it was.  I'm 35 years old, and I have to have help from my parents to be able to do these detoxes because I can't afford them on my own.  It's humbling and embarrassing....but at this point, there is nothing else that I can do.  I'm just so thankful to have people in my life who are fighting this with me.  I don't like to even think about where I would be without them.

I am also starting, this week, on some new supplements that I've never taken before.  I'm hoping that it might be that "magic cocktail" that I need to finally get rid of these last stupid symptoms that seem to want to stick around.  Pray for me?

As always, I will keep you updated.  But for today....I feel GOOD--and I have for a few weeks now.  And for that I am so thankful.

As all of you women know all too well now....each good day is such a gift and one you should grab with both hands.  More and more are coming for all of us.  Keep fighting.  Love you all.


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog from a google search and let me say that I just started bawling as I read some of your posts. I knew I wasn't crazy.

    I had my Mirena removed two years ago this past February and although my symptoms were never as bad as yours, I did gain weight and suffer from anxiety, insomnia and severe bouts of depression. It got so bad that I had to be hospitalized in July of '09 for a suicide attempt (I was also going through a personal tragedy during that time frame and that was the major catalyst for the attempt).

    I did not make the connection to my depression and inability to even clean my house during that dark period with having the Mirena until after it's removal. I knew it was uncomfortable, but I learned to deal. Once it was removed, I felt an acute sense of relief. The constant irritation was finally gone, I managed to lose 80 lbs since and my cycles seemed to return to normal.

    Now three years past that tragedy and two years post Mirena, I am wondering if that IUD is still affecting my fertility. I have not been using any form of BC and I have yet to conceive in two years. I already have two children, but my husband and I have always talked about having one more to complete our family. I was just wondering if you know of anyone who has had similar issues and perhaps what they did to help their body heal? It's not just about having another baby, this is also about being healthy. But yes, I would like the end result to be a pregnancy.

    I just want some hope that the Mirena didn't steal my fertility permanently. I've read the 1 in 5 statistic and that scares me. I wish you much luck on your journey to find healing.

  2. Hi there, so glad I startet to google & research mirena. I had it put in a week ago and had it taken out today excactly 1 week later. The insertion precess was painful, i spotted for about 2 days like the Dr. Said, but let me tell you my symptoms started the very next day, I was super bloated and the weirdst thing was the brain fog, I felt like I was drunk, it was so weird, then the next day the mood swings. So at this point out of curiosity I started to read about it, I cannot believe all the side effects Dr.s neglect to tell you. Anyways I could not stand the way I was feeling. I'm the type of person that is extremely sensitive to medications, like cold medicine makes my heart race and feel like I'm going to pass out, so I have to take 1/2 doses, I'm also very petite so I think that may have something to do with it. I cannot believe my symptoms appeared so soon after, most people I read about, it took months some years. At least now I have peace of a degree that this device won'nt cause any further damage. Still dealing with my head feeling funny and tingly kinda like when your leg falls asleep.....and the racing heart too. Hope to get this poison out of my body asap.
    I was wondering if you've heard of anyone having symptoms so soon after implatation, kinda scary I've never gone throgh anything like this, I'm a very healthy person and don'nt suffer from any medical issues.

    1. Cathy, I had symptoms the day after it was inserted as well. I ended up in the ER with my blood pressure at 185/110. I was bloated (only noticed this after I took a picture when I was in the hospital and one after I had it removed. The difference is shocking).
      It has been 3 weeks and I am still dealing with the anxiety, insomnia, and occasional full body shakes. They are becoming less frequent though, so I am hopeful.

      Good luck to you.

  3. Isn't it uncanny the similarities?

    1. Yes...on the site ( many of us are comparing notes, at the Yahoo forum we are attempting to help eachotherheal/ share our journeys as well. The Copper IUD does many of these things and others I have read on other forums. My Copper IUD has caused allergic reactions to food, chemicals, panic attacks, depression, heart palpatations, boil/cyst like ance, burning & tingling in face, arms and hands. Post IUD only the facial area is still affected. Hoping to share information w/ you and others reading your blog?

  4. What is a good detox to do? I am having the same crazy symptoms as you and im only 3 weeks post and i guess i have a lonnnggg road ahead of me :-/

  5. I am some happy I found your blog. Its providing me some assurance during this time. I had my iud taken out a couple days ago and im going crazy. Im going up and down. What kinds off supplements are you taking and what kind off detoxing are you doing. I pray all the time as I know God will help during this time of need.

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