Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just one day...

So, I am very happy to say that, lately, I have actually been feeling really good.  Detoxing again was a really good thing, and it seems to have re-set my system again.  I'm hoping--ultimately--that it was the final necessary detox for me, but--if not--that it will give me even more time before my systems start short-circuiting again.  As of now...I feel great.  I feel as normal as I think I will probably be.  What I mean by that is that the only symptoms that I still have to deal with right now are the vision loss and the joint/back pain.  I have just come to accept that those two things just may be permanent damage.  If so, I have to accept that...and I will.  I can at least function with that.  Luckily, all of the other symptoms seem to currently be gone.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to say that.  There was a day once when I didn't know if I ever would.

I wanted to show you something, though....

I still have to actively work for my health.  My body is not at a point where it is naturally strong or working the way that it normally would.  I have to feed my body supplementation for it to run at a level that most can do without it.  For 20 months now, I have to fuel my body with extra supplementation every day.  It's a pain....yes....but I do it because it makes a big difference for me.  Eventually, my systems should rebuild themselves and be able to run correctly without them, but for now, I do what I need to do to feel good.  I thought maybe you would like to see what that is.

This is one day of supplements for me. day:

It's surprising that I don't sound like a change purse when I walk, huh?  :-)

I'm not posting this to discourage anyone.  Some seem to get better without all of this, and some need even more interventions than I do.  You just never know.  I'm thankful that I haven't needed any surgeries or anything--many have.  So for now....I will happily take these and be so grateful that I have the opportunity and ability to do it for myself.  I'm just posting this to further get the word out that this is something that the Mirena can do to you.  Almost two years after removal, I have to do this--every day--just to have my body work normally.  When I take them, I feel great....when I don't, I slip fast.  At least these are all natural, whole-foods supplements that feed my body in a healthy way.  No more synthetic poisons for this girl if at all possible.  One day, I'm convinced that I won't need all of this.  I'm already celebrating that day.  For now, this is part of my daily fight back.

Thanks, Mirena.  Keep fighting, ladies.  I'm right there with you.


  1. Dear proud momma, I too am a mirena suferer and have been post removal 4 months . I thought you might find interesting articles relating copper toxicity and IUD and the affects on women. The articles are written by dr Lawrence Wilson and AnnLouise Gittleman. Symptoms of copper toxicity are similar to those of mirena effects.
    Good luck!

  2. I would love to see them! I know that the Paraguard is the copper IUD, and the Mirena is would copper toxicity have anything to do with the Mirena? If you have any interesting links, please post them here. I would love to read them! Thank you!

  3. I have been reading about copper toxicity today too. Just spotted this on cure zone :

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I am 8 months post removal. I've had most relief from many symptoms with magnesium, zinc, increasing protein and lots of greens, and acupuncture but still feel a little off. Would love to get back to normal

    1. Dear Christi,
      I am so horrified to find myself in this nightmare too. I am a mom of 3 and a second grade school teacher. I had Mirena from 1-12-11 to 4-25-12. During the last two months before removal I suffered from insomnia, depression,anxiety attacks & hair loss. 7 weeks post removal I was doing fine, then everything came back. To make matters worse I was on the Paragard IUD for 9 years. At the moment I'm so frightened & terrified. I'm 43 years old and fear early menopause because of Mirena. What is going to happen to me? Will I be forever in this nightmare if my body won't produce progesterone? I fear for my life & the life of my family.The doctors just think I'm depressed & want me on meds. I don't believe this is why I feel this way. I am so lost. It is 2:00 am and I can't sleep. I almost past out when I read one of the posts saying that in some cases it can lead to schitzophrenia. I'm not bawling my eyes out in despair because my poor husband & family do not deserve to see me in so much pain & fear.

    2. it may be a little late to respond to these msgs but i hope you are all doing well now! I am having very serious problems. I have lost 50% of my visual field. I have had ischematic optic nerve neuropathy in both eyes. I have all of the other symptoms too, hair loss, depression, ab pain, back pain. I'm feeling a bit scared because i am on my second mirena and I'm worried that its done even more damage to my body. I found encouragement in your posts, so thank you. I'm getting my second IUD out on the 10th of september. I don't want to be afraid anymore, I want women like us to stand up and say, we are going to make them pay for doing this to us... legally and reasonably of coarse. BUT there is still the fact that i have to find out what i can do to prevent myself from going completely blind now. HOpefully removing it is enough! ALl the best to you all!!

  4. Hi there , I just had the mirena removed 3 weeks ago after having it in for 1 year and 1/2. I was hospitalized yesterday for what they thought was meningitis but turns out was just a virus so they said. I am now thinking that it might have been a severe migraine brought on my the mirena removal. I started my period while in the hospital. Mu question is about what detox should I do?

  5. Please report:

  6. Well it seems that you are enjoying the results of detoxing and indeed detoxing is a great process by which all the toxic of bodies are removed. I too am going to start it on this weekend.

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