Monday, September 17, 2012

You're doing great....

On September 2nd, I hit my two year anniversary from the day that I had my Mirena removed and starting fighting to get my life back.  

It gets better ladies....KEEP GOING.....  


  1. I am so happy I found your blog. Reading your first posts about what you have gone through describes my symptoms to a T. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon to discuss removing my Mirena. I am also requesting the silicone test.

  2. I am one year post removal and it has been the worst hellish 3 years of my life. All the awful side effects of auto-immune diseases to central nervous system abnormalities that one could experience all at the same time!!! I am slowly recovering but honestly don't know how and why I have made it through to this point. Our bodies are so amazingly strong and yet so fragile at the same time. I believe the only way to get well again is through natural homeopathic remedies and supplements. Please gals don't take synthetic drugs from closed minded traditional doctors it will only make your recovery longer and worse!! If I can help anyone to answer questions or just give support through it, I really want to help, it can be a long scarey fight!! Thank You Proud Momma for all the information you have posted, you were and are a great help for me!! I just wanted to say that I recently took my 14 yr old daughter to a dermatologist for acne issues and he gave me the option of birth control right from the start, I was so angry at that option and let him know about the Mirena and its side effects etc. he messed with the wrong Mom on that issue because I have researched and know my facts about it not to mention living the nightmares it left on my body personally. He denied it all and thought I was crazy. My daughter has learned and will be so careful not to put anything foreign inside her body and All you mom's out there need to be aware and prevent this from happening to anymore girls/women. The Mirena needs to be off the market it is destroying lives. It is a inhumane, human act of greed!! I also found out that Labs that use to test silicone have been banned from being able to test anymore....Pretty Fishy and ironic I would say!! What does that tell ya about the Mirena??

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