Friday, March 30, 2012

Third time's a charm??? Hopefully.....

Well.... Let's hope that the third time is a charm....because it is that time again.  I have to detox again.

Trying to stay positive here and look at the PROS instead of just the CONS.

  • I still have some lingering issues that won't seem to go away.  My vision never improved (to be honest, I don't think it ever will), and I still have a resurgence of some issues around ovulation and before my cycle begins (increased brain fogginess, disorientation, joint/muscle pain, trouble getting in enough air when I breathe, etc.).
  • I can always tell when it is time to detox again.  I go from only having 2-3 bad days (as far as symptoms) a month to having them occur more often and becoming more troublesome.  Once I get to the point where I'm feeling like I have two good weeks/two bad weeks, I know that my body has found some more toxin in various places, and it's starting to attack itself again.  That's where I'm at now.  Once my hands start to tingle, I know that I need to move fast because, once I start to regain the symptoms, it goes downhill quickly.  I've played this game before.
  • Like any autoimmune issue, mine is also one that has periods of remission and relapse.  I have to just focus on getting back into remission by getting more toxins out and giving my organs and tissues a period of relief.
  • It seems like, each time I detox, I have a longer period of time before I start becoming symptomatic again and have to detox again.  The first time, it was four months.  The next one was seven months later.  This one is eleven months later.  I made it almost a year.  I have to think that, eventually, the toxins will be gone...or at least low enough that it doesn't break me down anymore.
  • I know that I will feel so much better in just a matter of weeks again.  I have to focus on that.  With my condition, my body finds these silicone micro globules and whatever else (lingering synthetic hormone?), and it starts to attack them.  Unfortunately, there is some confusion with autoimmune response, and it attacks everything where it is it attacks the healthy tissue that is there as well.  That is when I start feeling so awful.  My body is tagging areas for destruction and attacking it.  Sooooooo.....I just have to keep detoxing when needed to pull out those toxins (which I know happens because I proved it with silicon blood test results pre and post detox) as they emerge so that my body won't have anything to "tag" for destruction.  No silicone or toxin to be found = no body turning on itself.  Knowing that is coming for me again gives me something to look forward to.  Symptom free days again.....ahhhhhhhh....
  • Here's hoping that this one is IT.....and, if not, maybe this one will give me 15 months...or two years....who knows.  Pray for that, please?  I believe in the power of prayer, I would greatly appreciate yours if you would be willing to toss one up for me.
  • Along with the detox, Dr. J. is sending a few more supplements that I've never taken before (to deal with certain symptoms, cell renewal, etc.), so that gives me hope that--God willing--this will be the "magic cocktail" that will make this struggle finally go away.  As always, I invite you to walk through this with me.
My love to you all.  I'm going to beat this.  So are you.

Keep fighting,


  1. Thank you for this blog. i just started mine, i'm getting my mirena removed on april 3rd because i had so much trouble with it. I have to learn about all the side effects of the removal so i found your blog very useful. Good luck with everything.

  2. Thank you, Natural alternatives! I'm glad that you are getting the information that you need! Best of luck in your healing!

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